Recurring Donations: Setting up your communication strategy

Participating in the Recurring Donation Campaign? Need help setting up your recurring donation “ask”? GlobalGiving can help you with that. Last week we were ecstatic to have GlobalGiving’s very own Unmarketing Manager, Alison Carlman, host a Recurring Donation Webinar. Alison hosted an interactive webinar by helping participants set up their communication strategy. If you were unable to attend you can find a link to the recording and presentation below. Listen to the recording to help you develop your e-mail, Facebook and twitter communications. To listen to the recording and view the presentation click here.

Alison went over four steps that can help you plan out your recurring donation strategy.

Step 1: Set Goals

Set SMART Goals: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound.

Example: To get    10   new donors to initiate recurring donations of at least  $20  /month to our project on GlobalGiving during December (and to earn matching money from GlobalGiving!)

 Step 2: Develop a Strategy

  • Tell a good story
  • Give the right information
  • Make an appropriate ask

Step 3: Identify Your Tools & Assets

a. Get the campaign details straight

b. Build out your story:

  • $ 20 per month could cover the costs of ____
  • This one thing is important because ____
  • Knowing that we can count on that $  20  each month, helps us because ____

c. Figure out what content will help you tell your story:

  • Great photo(s)
  • Great quote(s)

d. Determine your “asks”

Step 4: Plan Your Tactics

When planning your tactics ask yourself:

Who?  (What person/group will you reach out to? Are you aiming to reach new supporters or current supporters and how will your messaging for each group differ?)

How?  (What medium will you use to reach them? Will you use social media, printed mail or a combination?)

What & Why  (Key messages: what’s the story you’ll tell, the  information you’ll give, and the ask you’ll make?)

When?  (With what frequency will you contact them? On what date? Will you send a reminder? When?)

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