GlobalGiving’s Holiday Promotions – Matching Recurring Donations & Gifts for Good

Ok, so you know the trends and you’ve got a strategy, but what is GlobalGiving doing to help you with online fundraising throughout the holiday and year-end giving season?

This year, we’ve got two exciting promotions lined up to help you mobilize and attract donors in November and December: the Recurring Donation Campaign and Gifts for Good. We’re also continuing to offer our great donation-as- a-gift feature, which makes it easy for a donor to make a donation as a gift in honor of a friend or family member for the holidays. Read the details below!

Recurring Donation Campaign

The Recurring Donation Campaign is a great way to motivate one-time donors to become long-term givers, just in time for the new year! During the month of December, GlobalGiving will be offering 100% match on all initial recurring donations up to $100 per donor. We have $25,000 in matching funds available and matching will last until December 31st or until funds run out. The top 5 projects that recruit the most recurring donors by 11:59 ET December 31, 2012 will win $500 bonus award each. To qualify for the match and for bonus awards, donors must give for 3 consecutive months following the initial donation (for a total of 4 months).

Like GlobalGiving’s Bonus Days a leaderboard will be provided so you can track your success and share your progress with your supporters. See full terms and conditions below.

Recurring Donation Campaign Terms & Conditions & Prizes

  • The Recurring Donation Campaign begins December 1, 2012 at 12:01 am ET and ends December 31, 2012 at 11:59 pm ET.
  • Recurring donations must be initiated between December 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012 in order to be eligible for matching and prizes
  • Recurring donations created on will be matched 1-to-1 up to $100 per donor per project. Eligible recurring donations of $101 or more will be matched at $100.
  • GlobalGiving is offering $25,000 in matching funds. Matching will last until funds run out.
  • To be eligible for matching there must be a first initial donation as well as at least 3 automatic recurring donations (for a total of 4 months).
  • Recurring donations that are cancelled after the initial donation but prior to the third automatic recurring donation are not eligible for matching.
  • Only recurring donations created on are eligible for this matching offer. Donations made through and employee giving sites are NOT eligible.
  • Only donations made by credit or debit card are eligible for matching.
  • Organizations that have participated in the Winter Open Challenge are not eligible for participation.
  • This is a one-time matching donation to the project. It is not a repeating monthly match.
  • The top 5 projects that recruit the most recurring donors by 11:59 ET December 31, 2012 will win $500 bonus award each. Projects must have at least 10 new recurring donors to qualify for a bonus award. (Same conditions as matching apply. There must be the first initial donation as well as at least 3 automatic recurring donation in order to be eligible.)
  • Matching funds and prizes will not be received by the project until April 2013.
  • Unique donors are determined using numerous criteria, including name, email address, credit card number, mailing address, and IP address. We are monitoring these and other parameters in our system to ensure that only unique, distinct donors are counted towards the donor bonus award.
  • GlobalGiving maintains the right to make a final decision on all matters concerning bonus awards and matching.
  • Still have questions? Contact Katherine at

Get Ready for the Recurring Donation Campaign!

Join GlobalGiving’s social media and communications guru, Alison Carlman, to create a communications plan for the Recurring Donation Campaign.

Date: Tuesday, November 6
Times: 9 am EST (This time in your city) and 3 pm EST (This time in your city)
Webinar link:
Sign up for a reminder email here.

Give a gift get a gift – GlobalGiving’s Gifts for Good Campaign

Attract new donors to your projects during the holidays through our Gifts for Good campaign! Give away a gift—jewelry, scarves, and more—in exchange for donations of a certain amount ($25, $50, $75). Your gift will be visible in GlobalGiving’s Gifts for Good “store,” which will be featured in our holiday outreach. Use this opportunity to get your project in front of GlobalGiving’s 100,000 newsletter subscribers, 50,000 Twitter followers and 40,000 Facebook fans.

The Gifts for Good Campaign will run November 21-December 31, 2012.

Participating organizations are responsible for the gift fulfillment (including shipping and handling) of the gifts. GlobalGiving will provide you with the mailing addresses of participating donors. In exchange, you are required to mail (at your organization’s expense) the gifts to the donors. GlobalGiving will automatically notify donors once their items have been shipped.

Interested in Gifts for Good? Please fill the Gifts for Good form by November 9th. We ask that you send us one supply of your item. We will be taking professional photos of your product at our office to feature in our outreach as well as our Gifts for Good “store”. The Gifts for Good form and one supply of your gift are due November 9th. Only organizations based in the U.S or with volunteers in the U.S are eligible to participate

Send one supply of your gift to:

GlobalGiving Foundation
Attn: Katherine Sammons
1023 15th Street, NW
12th Floor
Washington, DC 20005

Questions? Katherine Sammons at for more information.

Donations as Gifts

Did you know that donors can make donations to your project as gifts to friends and family? It’s the third giving option under the orange “donate” button on every project page. Donors can choose to make a donation in honor of some special and GlobalGiving will send the gift recipient an email, print-at-home, or physical tribute card. (Holiday cards coming soon!)

Donors can even elect to give email or print-at-home cards that are customized to your project page! GlobalGiving uses the main photo of your project page to create these special cards for your project. Get creative! Consider uploading a holiday-themed photo to your project page for the holiday season.

This donation-as-a-gift option makes giving to your project during the holiday season fun and practical. Not only are your supporters investing in a worthy cause, they are also acquiring a meaningful holiday gift and crossing names off their holiday shopping list!

Not sure which promotion to use?

Sign up for a one-on-one call! We would be happy to work with you develop a holiday fundraising campaign that is right for your organization.

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