Effective messaging for your target audience

We were honored to have Ruarai Mckenna an expert on online fundraising host a webinar last week on using effective messaging to target your organization’s unique public. Ruarai currently works for Kosovo-Addis a marketing, fundraising and interactive organization focused on helping non-profits with their online presence. Did you miss Ruarai’s presentation? Don’t worry below you will find a summary of Ruarai’s presentation as well as the link to the slides and recording.

To access the recording and webinar click here.

Key Take Aways

First, differentiate between your target audience and your target public. Your target audience is anyone who can receive your message. Your target public is the specific demographic you actively target with discipline, precision and repetition.

How can your engage you target public?

Your target is more likely to engage if they’ve heard of your brand. Extend your donor reach by following the steps below:

1)      Create Awareness

2)      Make sure interested parties are familiar with your organization’s mission and vision

3)      Work to create consideration, so your public feels that your organization is relevant to them

4)      Engage your supporters. Create volunteer opportunities and other avenues for your target audience to show their support

 What exactly is a brand?

Branding is the authentic essence of who you are and where you’re going expressed in a compelling way to a defined target public.

  • Branding IS the online fundraising strategy for many peers
  • Branding is what could make organizations poke through the 1.2M charities and trillions of messages that the U.S. public sees
  • Branding is very much an internal engine, generating heat, staff morale, recruiting of staff, volunteers, board members and partners

 Tactics Employed to Leverage your Brand to Reach, Expand and Cultivate Your Target Public

When messaging it is important to find out what type of messaging works for your organization. Experiment to find out what type of messaging attracts your target.

Take this campaign for example. What messaging do you think was most effective A or B?

A                                                         or                                                         B



Audiences were more response to B. Find what works best for your organization. You don’t need fancy software to track the effectiveness of messaging. Just change one variable and see what type of response you get from your audience. For example, investigate if you received more donations using negative messaging or more using positive messaging.

Ruarai is open to your questions, please feel free to email him at ruarai@Kosovo-Addis.com

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