Announcing GlobalGivingTIME–connect with online volunteers! is excited to introduce GlobalGivingTIME, an online volunteering tool that gives you quick, easy and entirely cost-free access to a pool of enthusiastic and skilled online volunteers for advice and support. For the past year, GlobalGivingTIME has been available to organizations through GlobalGiving UK. We are happy to announce that GlobalGivingTIME is now available to all organizations on!

What is GlobalGivingTIME?

GlobalGivingTIME is an online platform where GlobalGiving partner organizations can post small, short-term volunteer tasks (called microvolunteer opportunities) that can be accomplished completely online in less than 2 weeks.

GlobalGivingTIME is powered by Sparked, an American organization that facilitates online volunteering. Sparked is used by individuals and corporations to identify easy-to-do online volunteer opportunities. It is a great tool to connect with skilled, short term volunteers.

What can I get help with?

Graphic design, translations, HR, Marketing. The sky is the limit! You can get help with just about anything! Previous project leaders have received help creating new logos, ‘thank you’ notes, reviewing mission statements and newsletters as well as translating documents. GlobalGivingTIME volunteers are happy to use their experience and expertise to help you if you’re struggling with a task.

Who are these volunteers?

GlobalGivingTIME is used by professionals all over the world, and across all manner of fields.

One of GlobalGiving UK’s key corporate partners, Aegis Media, is running a campaign during the 2012 Olympics on GlobalGivingTIME to encourage their employees (17,000 worldwide!) to share their knowledge, skills and expertise to help you with your most pressing tasks.

How does it work?

Step 1. Start by clicking here or go to on your browser.

Step 2. Click on ‘Apply to join here’ below ‘GlobalGiving partners’.

Step 3. Tell us what your cause is and click the blue arrow on the bottom of the screen to contine!

Step 4. You’ll then be asked about your needs. Click on the blue arrow to continue once you’ve filled those in. Don’t worry: your tasks don’t always have to be limited to your top 3 needs!

Step 5: Fill in your organization’s details and start posting ‘challenges’ for the volunteers!

GlobalGivingTIME Olympic Challenge

During the London 2012 Olympic games, GlobalGiving and Aegis Media will be hosting the GlobalGivingTIME Olympic Challenge. Aegis employees from all over the world (17,000 in total!) will be answering challenges on GlobalGivingTIME every day as part of a special company-wide promotion. What’s more, employees will also be making financial donations to some of the NGOs they work with.

Want to learn more about the GlobalGivingTIME and the Olympic Challenge?

Introductory Webinars

GlobalGiving UK is hosting webinars on Monday, July 9th and Wednesaday, July 11th to help you post exciting and engaging challenges on GlobalGivingTIME and to learn more about Aegis Media’s Olympic Challenge.

Click here to register for Webinar 1: Monday 9th July, 12 pm EDT (This time in your city)

Click here to register for Webinar 2: Wednesday 11th July, 4 am EDT(This time in your city)

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