The Inside Scoop: Dell’s International Strategic Giving

This June, GlobalGiving is hosting a three-part webinar series on corporate giving. On Thursday June 27th we were excited to have Deb Bauer, the Director of Dell’s Corporate Giving host the final webinar in the series, The Inside Scoop: Dell’s International Strategic Giving. Deb spoke about Dell’s strategic giving, community engagement and how to foster a good corporate partnership. If you missed Deb’s webinar or would like a re-cap you can find some highlights below as well as a link to her slideshow and discussion:

Listen to Deb’s presentation and view the slides here.

Background on Dell’s Giving

Dell began giving locally, wanting to represent where the company was working and where Dell customers are.  As Dell began growing globally, so did their span of giving. Dell now works and gives around the world. When deciding what types of projects should be their focus Dell examined themselves as a company and decided to stick to their roots, focusing on young people, the under-served and education initiatives. Dell looks to partner with projects utilizing technology to better their communities. Dell is a 1% company, meaning they give 1% of their annual pre-tax profits.

How Dell Gives

  • Business-led donations
  • Matched employee giving
  • Strategic programs

Types of Projects Dell Works with

  • Youth leadership
  • Social innovation
  • Pediatric cancer
  • Disaster relief

How Dell Identifies Project Partnerships

  • Through employee engagement and referral
  • Reaching out to GlobalGiving to learn about possible project partnerships
  • Call for proposals (only for US organizations)

What Makes an Organization Ready to Work with Dell?

  • Open to employee engagement
  • A respectable track record
  • An innovative idea
  • The ability to make a measurable impact
  • Open to building a transparent relationship

Helpful Resources

As our corporate giving webinar series comes to an end we wanted to touch on two re-occurring themes all three of our presenters spoke about:

  • Volunteer relationship are invaluable; if you are interested in partnering with a company get employees involved through volunteer activities. Think about tailoring your volunteer activities to employee expertise. For example, Dell looks for volunteer opportunities that are technology based. Employee volunteers can help to advocate for your organization within the company.
  • Having a good track record is important. Companies like to work with organizations that have a strong track record within the community and among partner organizations and rigorous financial and organizational documentation. Reflect on your organization’s impact record and how the community you serve views your work.

Thank you to all who attended and participated in the Corporate Giving Webinar Series!

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