GlobalGiving’s Approach to Building Relationships with Corporate Partners

This June, GlobalGiving is hosting a three-part webinar series on corporate giving. For part two of this webinar series, we were happy to have our very own Ingrid Embree, Director of Strategic Partnership here at GlobalGiving give a fantastic webinar on GlobalGiving’s Approach to Building Relationships with Corporate Partners on June 20th. Ingrid discussed how to identify prospective corporate partners and how to build relationships. Ingrid also spoke about how GlobalGiving selects partners to recommend to corporate partners.

View the presentation slides here. Contact Alexis Nadin at for a link to the training recording.

Prospecting for new corporate partners

  • Make cold calls after researching various businesses
  • Commit to a set number of calls a week and track the progress (Ingrid makes 40!)
  • Take advantage of travel time. So, if you travel to a conference check if there is a company you could visit/meet with
  • Be confident in what you have to offer – you’re a subject matter expert!
  • “Layering” through multiple interactions both on and off-line establishes trust and builds relationships
  • Be opportunistic!

Volunteers can be your biggest asset

  • Employee volunteers are a good “foot in the door;” get employees interested in your project and have them volunteer
  • Virtual volunteering is an easy way for people to get involved with your organization

The best way to contact potential partners: calls vs. emails

  • Emails are easy to write, but also easy to delete
  • For layering purposes email first unless the situation better fits a phone call
  • Make a personal call in situations where you would be able to meet in person, for example already being in the area for another meeting or conference
  • Phone calls can be uncomfortable, but effective
  • Postal mail is still a great option and unexpected!
  • Use your judgment and vary it depending on the company

Learning from experience

  • Be tenacious, but patient
  • Your integrity will be appreciated
  •  Look for a good fit not just a good sale
  • Referrals are often your best leads
  • Ask questions and research: Who have supporters been in the past? Who would be interested?
  • Examine corporate culture before reaching out

GlobalGiving’s corporate partner programs

  • Corporate partner relationships all look different, at GlobalGiving we are flexible, ex: some companies like gift cards, some like employee giving and some prefer cause-marketing

Suggestions for making your project attractive to corporate partners 

  • Donors spend on average 30 seconds looking at a project page. Keep your page visually attractive by making sure your main photo is in high resolution, close up and that your project title is inspiring and catchy
  • Cross-list your project accordingly by choosing all themes which apply
  • Strive to be a Superstar! Make sure your project is active and visible by taking advantage of GlobalGiving’s Project Rewards program
  • Find additional tips for taking advantage of corporate partnerships here
  • Find more information on GlobalGiving’s Partner Rewards Program here.

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