Giving Back.

As employees of GlobalGiving, we have the very fortunate and gratifying role of helping donors around the world give to thousands of incredible, innovative projects just like yours. Naturally, we’re big fans of giving, but most of what we do involves helping other people implement earth-changing ideas. This spring, we tried something a little different.

Five GlobalGivers, (Natalie, Justin, Marisa, Nahal, and me, KC), joined what we call the “A-Team,” a small group tasked to collaborate on human resources needs. Most organizations reward their staff with a pat on the back, a shout-out in a staff meeting, or maybe some brownies if you’re lucky.

And for us? Our group was rewarded with $2,500 in funds to distribute to projects on GlobalGiving.

We were all pretty floored, and genuinely humbled. Not only was our reward exceptionally generous, we were able to share our appreciation with the very people we’re privileged to work with every day.

How on earth would we distribute these funds? Did we want to choose one project together, or divvy it up among several projects? After much discussion, we decided that we would each pick one of our favorite projects, and then we would ask our tirelessly devoted interns to vote on how they thought the funds should be allocated.

Natalie chose “Educate Girls And Fight Poverty In Senegal,” which received 7% of the interns’ votes for $178.55.

Justin chose “Szadvar Castle Project And Youth Camp, Hungary,” receiving 29% of the votes for $714.33.

Marisa chose “Alternative Livelihoods & Elephant Rescue Thailand,” receiving 7% of the interns’ votes for $178.55.

Nahal chose to support the “Kinshasa Music School,” which received 36% of the votes, or $892.80.

And I chose “Sustainable Chicken Farm For Guatemalan Women,” which got the last 21% of our interns’ votes to receive $535.77.

These projects will be receiving their funds in the disbursement going out this week, and we’re excited to let you know about choosing these organizations for this donation.

We are so proud to support these very worthy projects. Every project on our site is so worthy, and the effort that each of you puts forth to change the world is inspiring. In spite of being all the way in Washington, DC, it helps us feel closer to all of the nonprofit partners we have around the world. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to be a part of the incredible work you do.

All my best,

KC Ellis
Champion for Customer Bliss


Tashmica Torok

about 9 years ago

What an amazing way to live by example too! You guys are amazing. <3

KC Ellis

about 9 years ago

Hi Tashmica, Thanks! It was an exciting experience. Let us know if there's every anything we can do for you! Warmly, KC

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