Effective Tactics for Online Fundraising

We had a fantastic webinar last Thursday, May 17th on “Effective Tactics for Online Fundraising.” A big thank you to Jenna Sauber, the Interactive Communications Manager at the Case Foundation, for hosting such a wonderful training! She spent some time discussing the best tactics for developing an online fundraising plan.  

Here are the top 5 main takeaways from the conversation

  • Be sure to identify all of the elements that you need before you start! These include a strategy, your fundraising tools, and your supporters. Keep all of the elements in mind when you start planning.
  • Choose a goal and base a strategy around it! The goal can be finding new donors, reaching a dollar target, or reaching new networks in a new location. Now you can better plan how to do your outreach.
  • Keep the “ask” clear, relatable, and unique! When asking your donors for funds, make clear the campaign you are running and make your story compelling to the donor. Now, make the “ask” unique! Try a new tactic to reach donors, such as an event, to get them engaged.
  • After someone donates, be sure to say “Thank You!” Donors are more likely to come back and give if they feel appreciated and know that you are open to sharing more with them. Keep them updated on your project and maybe even invite a donor to see the program.
  • Plan your campaign! Your campaign should have a clear timeline, a clear purpose, and be something that you can communicate to your donors.

If you were not able to attend, we recorded the session for you to listen to at your convenience. You can view the recording here. You can also view the Powerpoint presentation here.

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