Partner Rewards Bonus Day – June 13th!

GlobalGiving is going to be hosting our second Bonus Day of the year on June 13th! Starting at 12:01 am EDT on June 13th, GlobalGiving will match online donations made to your project(s) based on your Partner Rewards level.

The matching percentages are as follows:

  • All organizations ranked as Partner will have their donations matched at 30%.
  • All organizations ranked as Leader will have their donations matched at 40%.
  • All organizations ranked as Superstar will have their donations matched at 50%.

Any questions regarding your Partner Rewards level must be received by GlobalGiving no later than June 4th! All matching will be calculated based on your organization’s Partner Rewards Level as of 11:00 pm EDT on Tuesday, June 12th. Be sure that your Partner Rewards level is secure by this time.

What are the terms for Bonus Day?

  • Bonus Day begins at 12:01 am EDT on June 13, 2012.
  • There is $75,000 in matching funds. Once funds have been depleted, no more donations will be matched.
  • GlobalGiving will match up until $1,000 per donor until matching funds run out;
  • The organization that raises the most funds on Bonus Day will receive an additional $1,000 from GlobalGiving.
  • The organization that has the most unique donors on Bonus Day will receive an additional $1,000 from GlobalGiving.
  • Projects must be approved and live on the website by June 11th  to be eligible;
  • Projects participating in the June Invitational Challenge are NOT eligible for Bonus Day
  • Only online donations (credit card or PayPal) are eligible for matching. Donations made by check or text-to-give are not eligible;
  • Donations made on or any GlobalGiving sites (including Nike, Eli Lilly, Global Action Atlas, etc) are NOT eligible for matching.
  • We encourage you to get donations in early, because matching funds will likely run out before the end of the day.
  • Unique donors are determined using numerous criteria, including name, email address, credit card number, mailing address, and IP address. We are monitoring these and other parameters in our system to ensure that only unique, distinct donors are counted towards the donor bonus award.
  • Please note that GlobalGiving maintains the right to make a final decision on all matters concerning bonus awards and matching.

How do I check my partner rewards level?

Simply log in as a project leader, and go to the dashboard. You can access it by clicking the “project entry (PE)” link in the upper right hand corner. This is where you can see your projects, reports, and most importantly, the Rewards Level.

To learn more about why you are a certain partner level, click on the “Reward Level” link at the top.

Once here, you should see the different sub-categories on which we base the Partner Rewards levels. Your overall level is based on the lowest level reflected here. If you are a partner in any one category, you will be at partner level. For example, this organization is leader level for the amount in donations, partner level in quarterly donations, and superstar level for total donors. This organization’s rewards level is Partner.

The right column explains how each sub-category is scored and what your organization would need to do in order to reach the next level. As we expect to have a lot of interest in increasing partner levels ahead of the Challenge, any questions you have about your partner level must be received by GlobalGiving no later than June 4th!

How can you increase your Reward Level?

First, find out which sub-categories your organization is listed as “Partner” or “Leader” and work to become a Superstar! All Rewards Levels are based on the lowest Level in the sub-categories. If you are a Partner in any of them, you will be a Partner on the site. All sub-categories need to be Superstars for you to be a Superstar.

Now, work to increase your Rewards Level!

  • If your organization is a partner at reporting every three months, look at which project needs a report and write one. This can even be about the upcoming Bonus Day!
  • If you need more unique donors or donation volume, start a campaign now to get some unique donors and then you can let them know about Bonus Day in a few months. The Mother’s Day Tribute Card Campaign is a great way to get new donors and raise funds.
  • Remember to contact GlobalGiving with all of your questions no later than June 4th!

Please direct any questions regarding the Bonus Day to Sonja at Questions regarding your Partner Rewards Level can be sent to

Stay tuned for another blog post about strategizing for Bonus Day, written by Marshall Bailly of Leadership Initiatives!

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