Free Web Design for GlobalGiving Partners

GlobalGiving is excited to announce a new partnership with visual arts classes at Kennesaw State University. Students in participating classes will design up to four websites for GlobalGiving’s current partners at the end of 2012. 

This will be the third year that students from Kennesaw State have built websites for non-profits around the world. Take a look at some websites that have been designed by students in the past:

GlobalGiving is working closely with Professor Lin Hightower to identify up to four organizations that are partners in good standing with GlobalGiving and have a genuine need for redesigning their website.

Eligible organizations will have:

  • Active project(s) on, up-to-date due diligence, and quarterly project reports;
  • A reasonable need for website design (e.g. no current website, out-dated or ineffective website, new organization branding, etc.);
  • The ability to commit to at least one skype call with student designers and regular email communication; and
  • A comprehensive plan for a new website.

Qualified organizations will be invited to submit a lengthy application form including detailed content for the website, high resolution photos, staff and contact information, domain names, and more. Take a look at the application to get a sense for what information is required.

Of the organizations that apply, four will be selected to work closely with a small team of student editors to build or redesign a website for the organization during the months of September, October, November, and December. This design process will take place during the students’ fall 2012 semester. This is a graded assignment for the students. Web sites may not be finalized until spring 2013.

Interested? Complete this simple expression of interest form by Friday, March 23rd. Qualified organizations will be invited to submit a complete application form by Friday, April 20th.

A special thanks to Professors Lin Hightower, Carole Maugé-Lewis, and Kristine Hwang for working with their students to offer this fantastic opportunity to our non-profit partners!

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