The New Disbursement Manager – Part 3

In response to your requests for a more transparent and easy to navigate disbursement process, GlobalGiving is excited to launch a beta version of a disbursement manager in the project entry system! Our finance and tech teams have been working for months to get your organization all of your past disbursement information in one, easy to use page in the project entry system.

Check it out! You can access your organization’s new disbursement manager by logging into the project entry system. From the dashboard, click on “View Disbursements” to the left of the calendar.

In the Disbursement Manager, you can find the following information about your past disbursements:

1. Dates:  We tell you when disbursements were sent and the date through which donations were received for particular disbursements.

2. Amounts:  We give you the net total amount disbursed. This amount does take into account GlobalGiving’s fee and any bonus awards that your organization has received. It does not comprise currency conversion or wire transfer fees.

3. Exceptional disbursements:  In urgent cases, such as disaster situations, GlobalGiving makes exceptional disbursements to our partners. We make it easy for your to manage your exceptional disbursements in the Disbursement Manager.

4. Re-sent disbursements: Occasionally, funds are returned to GlobalGiving if we do not have the correct account information. We tell you when disbursements are being resent and the total value of the resent amount. Please note that we do not remove the original disbursement from the manager. This means that two disbursements of the same amount may appear twice. In the example provided below, a disbursement was made to Leonard for Puppies on December 22, 2011 for $17,547.20. This disbursement was later returned to us and resent on January 9, 2012. Although the disbursement appears twice on the Disbursement Manager, the organization only received that disbursement amount once.

Click on each disbursement to see:

  • the breakdown of the disbursement between projects,
  • the original disbursement email,
  • and to download the disbursement report.

Disbursement reports are not available for exception disbursements and resent disbursements.

The disbursement manager is still in beta, which means we’re still working out some kinks. We’d love to hear your feedback. Email us at to let us know if you have any trouble using this new section of our site or if you encounter any errors in the data.

What’s Next?

In addition to launching the new disbursement manager, GlobalGiving will soon be switching to a weekly donation reconciliation process. This means that instead of reconciling donations—applying fees, reconciling gift card donations, etc.—every month, we will be managing this process on a weekly basis.

And we’re not stopping there. Throughout 2012, our tech team is going to continue to work to get more information about disbursements up on the website. We want to be able to tell you what money you’ve received, when you received it, and, eventually, we’ll be able to tell you how much money is pending disbursement in real time. This means that we’ll be working to make improvements to the new disbursement manager and the donation manager in the project entry system. Stay tuned for more developments!

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