Your Disbursement Questions Answered – Part 2

Updated May 2017

Every month we get dozens of questions from our partners around the world about our disbursement process. Below we’ve provided answers to frequently asked questions.

How long will it take to receive my disbursement?

GlobalGiving disburses funds at the end of the month after donations are received. So, if a donation is made in January, it will be disbursed at the end of February. Our disbursement team aims to get funds out the door by the 25th of the month, although sometimes it takes a few days less or more.

We are only able to disburse to international organizations after $250 or more has been raised, after GlobalGiving’s 15% fee has been applied. This is designed to reduce the overall cost of wire fees and because of the limitations placed on us by FXecute.

Depending on your disbursement method, it can take up to 15 days to receive funds in your account. Here are the maximum delivery times for all 4 disbursement methods:

  • ACH:  It should take 1-3 business days for funds to reach your account.
  • Checks: Checks should arrive within 1-5 days business days after being sent.
  • FXecute: It can take up to 2 weeks to receive your disbursement via FXecute, particularly if you are receiving an FXecute disbursement for the first time. Once the disbursement leaves our office there’s nothing that we can do to speed up the time it arrives in your account. If your funds are not received within 15 days of disbursement, GlobalGiving will work with you to investigate.
  • Wire:  It can take up to 2 weeks to receive your disbursement via international wire. Once the disbursement leaves our office there’s nothing that we can do to speed up the time it arrives in your account. If your funds are not received within 15 days of disbursement, GlobalGiving will work with you to investigate.

Why do wire transfers and FXecute disbursements take so long?

Unfortunately, once disbursements leave GlobalGiving’s account, we don’t have very much control over the funds. In the case of FXecute, the company needs to process each individual disbursement, converting funds into local currencies, and disbursing to bank accounts throughout the world. Once the funds reach your bank, your bank needs to credit the money to your account.

As for international wire, the funds are transferred through one or more intermediary banks before reaching your bank overseas. Often the longest delay is with your bank’s wire department posting the funds to your account.  In both cases, other institutions need to be involved in processing funds before they reach you.

I haven’t received any money, where is my disbursement?

Generally, when our partners haven’t received a disbursement is it because 1) we did not have all of the information that we needed to properly process the disbursement; 2) your organization did not have any pending donations; or 3) the funds have not reached your account yet. If you have not received your disbursement, please

  1. Look in the project entry system to make sure that you have pending funds. Remember, GlobalGiving disburses donations the month after they are received. Did you receive donations last month? If you are registered outside of the U.S., have you raised a net amount of $250 or more? How to access the donation manager.
  2. Verify that the disbursement information that you provided in the project entry system is correct. Take a look to make sure that the bank account name and number are accurate and that you have provided any other required information. If you are using FXecute, GlobalGiving may require additional information depending on the country of your bank account. How to edit your disbursement information in the project entry system.
  3. Make sure that you have given the funds enough time to reach your account. It can take up to 15 days for a disbursement to reach your bank account. Please see above for more information about the time it takes to receive disbursements.

After you have taken these steps, if you still not received your disbursement, please reach out to us. We would be happy to run a trace on your disbursement to understand why the disbursement has not reached your account.

How will my disbursement appear in my bank account?

Depending on your disbursement method, your disbursement from GlobalGiving may appear as any one of the following:

  • ACH: Global Inc. or GlobalGiving
  • Wire: GlobalGiving, Global Inc., or International Wire
  • FXecute: Global Inc, or INTL FC Stone

How do I change my disbursement method?

You are welcome to change your organization’s disbursement information at anytime via the organization manager in the project entry system. See screen steps here. Always remember to “save and submit.”

Please note that GlobalGiving is only able to disburse funds to the bank account of the organization that we have vetted, except for in rare cases when individuals have signed grant agreements.

I did not receive my disbursement report at the same time as my disbursement, why is that?

Disbursement reports are sent a few days after disbursements leave our office. Depending on your organization’s disbursement method (check, wire, etc.), you may receive your disbursement report just before or after your disbursement. The reports take additional time to compile and are sent using an external email provider.

There is no way for us to time the report with the arrival of the funds in your account, although we are working on staggering reports based on disbursement method to reduce confusion.

Why doesn’t my disbursement report match my donation manager?

Right now, the donation amount indicated on your donation manager in the project entry system is the total gross donation amount for all time. It may differ from the amount that appears on your disbursement report for the following reasons:

  1. Fees: Currently, fees are not taken into account on the donation manager. Fees can vary by donation. GlobalGiving’s standard fee is 15% but we give donors the option to “add-on” the fee to their donation. In addition, GlobalGiving’s corporate partners often underwrite some or the entire fee. The fee percentage will be indicated for each donation on your disbursement report.
  2. Matching funds and bonus awards: Matching funds and bonus awards from GlobalGiving’s fundraising campaigns and corporate promotions are not included on your donation manager in the project entry system. These funds are itemized in the disbursement report.

What happens if a donor reverses a donation after I receive my disbursement?

Occasionally, donors will reverse donations made via GlobalGiving after we have disbursed the donation. In these cases, we do not require that our partners return funds to GlobalGiving, but the project does go into a deficit until the reversed donation is made up. For example, if a $50 donation is reversed after the disbursement goes out, GlobalGiving will withhold $50 from the next disbursement.

How do we claim GiftAid on GBP donations? When can we expect the GiftAid to be sent to my organization?

GiftAid must be claimed by UK donors at the time of the transaction. That GiftAid is then forwarded on to GlobalGiving within 1 – 2 months after the original donation date and is included in the disbursement the following month. For instance, GiftAid on a donation made in January should be expected to arrive in the February 25th or March 25th disbursement. GiftAid contributions will be noted in the donor reports that are sent to your organization’s disbursement contact a will include the following text: “[Donor’s Name] – GiftAid”.

If I am with an organization that is based in the UK, can GBP donations be sent directly to our bank account? How does this process work in regards to exchange rates?

At this time GBP donations are not processed separately from USD donations. All GBP donations are sent to our US offices and then disbursed to our partner’s all over the world during our single monthly disbursement process, including disbursements to the UK. To determine the conversion from one currency to another, GlobalGiving’s bank sets the exchange rate that is used when GBP funds are being sent from our UK offices to our US offices. In the actual disbursement of funds from our US offices to your organization, the exchange rate is set by our wire provider or our intermediary partner, FXecute/ INTL FCStone, depending on the disbursement method that your organization selected.

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