Represent GlobalGiving in your country with the Ambassador Program!

Would you like to represent GlobalGiving in your country? Apply for GlobalGiving Ambassadors, a new program that will identify leading GlobalGiving partners to visit other non-profit partners and host workshops overseas. Selected individuals will visit GlobalGiving in Washington, DC for training. Apply online by March 9th.

Every year, GlobalGiving receives emails and phone calls from our partners around the world who are acting as informal ambassadors—hosting workshops to teach other organizations in their community about the value of online fundraising and the tools available through GlobalGiving; providing one-on-one support to organizations that need help uploading due diligence documents or submitting a project report; and organizing informal meet-ups and opportunities for networking and collaboration.

At the same time, everywhere we go, we’re asked “when are you setting up a GlobalGiving office here?” And although we wish we could be on the ground in every country we work in to meet with our partners and to provide in-person support, we don’t have the resources or manpower to make that possible. So, we rely primarily on highly trained fellows and volunteers to visit our partners overseas and to host workshops for organizations interested in joining GlobalGiving. (In fact, we have a brand new GlobalGiving representative headed to Southeast Asia next week!) And it’s working! We’ve received fantastic feedback from organizations about the value of these face-to-face interactions with a member of the GlobalGiving team.

But wouldn’t it be great if we could provide a long-term, consistent presence in one country?

So this year, for the first time, we are excited to be formally supporting our partners who are already acting as informal GlobalGiving ambassadors in their countries, while expanding GlobalGiving’s in-the-field support through the Ambassador Program.

This new program will identify and train one to two Ambassadors to represent GlobalGiving in their country for one year. Selected individuals will have the opportunity to participate in a one-week training in Washington, DC in April or May 2012, where they will learn everything they need to answer frequently asked questions about GlobalGiving’s project entry system, campaigns, corporate partnerships, and more.

What are the Program requirements?

Selected individuals will:

  • Commit to act as GlobalGiving’s Ambassador in their country for one year. We will provide regular check-ins and support to our Ambassadors throughout the year.
  • Be available to come to DC for a week of training in April or May. GlobalGiving will reimburse flight, lodging, and food expenses for this one week stay.
  • Visit GlobalGiving’s partners organizations in the country to verify the projects and reports posted on the site and to offer support to current partners. GlobalGiving will provide a small monthly travel and communications stipend to make these visits and relevant communications possible.
  • Host at least six workshops throughout the country about the value and principles of online fundraising and to support organizations interested in learning more about GlobalGiving.  GlobalGiving will provide a workshop budget. Ambassadors will be eligible for reimbursement for costs directly associated with the workshops.
  • Provide feedback about organizations from the same country that are applying to GlobalGiving for the first. GlobalGiving uses a rigorous due diligence process to vet organizations that are new to the site. On occasion, questions arise about specific organizations. We will seek Ambassadors’ advice when relevant.
  • Help GlobalGiving understand the local non-profit sector in your country as well as any regulations or restrictions that might inhibit organizations from applying to join GlobalGiving.

Who is eligible to apply for the Ambassador Program?

To be eligible for the Ambassador Program, you must:

  • Live and work in a country other than the United States. The main objective of this program is to extend GlobalGiving’s representation outside of the U.S, where GlobalGiving’s office is based.
  • Work for an organization that has been successfully using GlobalGiving’s site for AT LEAST one year.

Preference will be given to individuals who have been active and engaged on GlobalGiving and who have experience working with non-profit networks in their country.

What are the benefits for being an Ambassador Program?

GlobalGiving Ambassadors will benefit from:

  • An all-expense paid trip to GlobalGiving’s office in Washington, DC to meet GlobalGiving’s team and take part in a one-week training.
  • In depth training about online fundraising and GlobalGiving. During the one-week training, we will go over the principles of online fundraising—calling on experts in the office and from the DC area to share their suggestions for utilizing online tools to raise money for non-profit organizations. We will also offer an in depth training in fundraising on GlobalGiving—including how to use the project entry system, attract new donors, benefit from corporate partnerships, and more.
  • Networking opportunities while in the United States. GlobalGiving will organize meetings with strategic partners and potential collaborative organizations during the one-week stay.
  • A modest travel and communications stipend for in-country visits to other GlobalGiving partners.
  • Funding to host workshops for other organizations in your country. The Ambassador Program gives organizations the chance to contribute to the growth of local non-profit networks by providing networking opportunities at workshops and offering information and support for online fundraising.
  • The opportunity to build relationships with and learn best practices from other GlobalGiving partners through site visits and meetings.

Interested? Please apply online here by Friday, March 9th.  We will review your application and get back to you by March 16th to let you know if you have been selected for a second round of applications. Applicants accepted to submit a second application will be asked to provide a letter of recommendation from another organization from the same country.

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