An Incredible Year in Review

Wow! 2011 was an incredible year. GlobalGiving nearly doubled the amount of donations made through our site to partners around the world. We worked with 56 corporations to offer employee giving, facilitate grants, and assist in cause-marketing campaigns. We made some exciting improvements to our website—making mobile donations available to our partners, showing you your Partner Rewards Level and project ranking(s) in real time on the project entry system dashboard, and more! And it’s all because of YOU!

Your amazing work in the field—offering microfinance in Mexico, training midwives in Ethiopia, rescuing elephants in Thailand, and so much more—inspired 102,000 donors to give this past year. Your quarterly reports, openness, and transparency gave our corporate partners the confidence to invest $10.8 million in your work. And your feedback and suggestions helped us to dramatically improve GlobalGiving’s website. So, from all of us at GlobalGiving, we would like to say a big thank you for making this our best year yet! Check out the GlobalGiving staff thank you video here.

The Numbers

2011 was GlobalGiving’s most successful year ever! Here’s why:

  • In 2011, $20.4 million was donated to projects through GlobalGiving, an increase of 89% from 2010!
  • Traffic doubled on the site, from 1.3 million visitors in 2010 to 2.55 million in 2011;
  • 102,000 individuals made donations through GlobalGiving in 2011, a 62% increase from 2010;
  • $967,382 in GlobalGiving gift cards were purchased;
  • The number of recurring donations made through GlobalGiving’s site increased 112% (We currently process $65,338 in recurring donations each month and that number climbs each day thanks to experiments and matching campaigns);
  • 1,718 organizations received donations on GlobalGiving in 2011, 424 more than in 2010; and
  • 47% of donors chose to pay GlobalGiving’s fee separately, increasing the percentage of the donation reaching your projects on the ground!

Incredible, right? The growth that we experienced in 2011 was no coincidence. The team at GlobalGiving worked hard to attract new donors through media outreach, develop and manage valuable corporate partnerships, and provide you with a better user experience and more opportunities to reach out to your own networks. Here are some highlights:

  • In 2011, GlobalGiving worked with 56 corporate partners including Nike, Neutrogena, ABC, Dell, LivingSocial, and Ford resulting in almost $10.8 million in donation volume for partner organizations. One exciting new partnership in 2011 was with Eli Lilly & Company, which gave all 37,000 employees a $50 gift card to GlobalGiving.  Lilly employees donated $850,000 through their new employee giving portal to health, hunger, education, and environment projects on GlobalGiving.
  • On the tech side, we made some huge improvements to the dashboard in the project entry system, making it possible to view your organization’s Partner Rewards Level and project rankings in real time and see when your next project reports are due. Now you can manage your organization’s disbursement information and project leader roles online and we made it possible for you to embed video in your project page! We’ve also built organization pages, where you can send donors to see all of your organizations’ projects on GlobalGiving. This year, we also improved the donor experience on the site, adding tabs for monthly recurring donations and gift donations to the project page, in addition to changing the appearance of project reports and thank you emails, among other things. (Thanks Tech Team!)
  • We continued to expand and improve the services we offer to our partner organizations, including monthly trainings by experts, local workshops in 33 countries (and 6 American cities), one-on-one fundraising consultations, volunteer listings, and numerous fundraising campaigns.
  • In 2011, partner organizations like yours raised over $1 million in GlobalGiving fundraising campaigns, such as Bonus Days, and GlobalGiving gave away over $230,000 in matching funds and bonus grants.

So, what can you expect in 2012?

We expect 2012 to be another record-setting year. We have already announced our 2012 fundraising calendar with the dates for upcoming matching and fundraising campaigns (including some campaigns and promotions that we’ll be launching for the first time this year). Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of the growing momentum on GlobalGiving!

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