Last-minute holiday fundraising with the Tribute Card Challenge

GlobalGiving’s first-ever Tribute Card Challenge launched on November 23. To date, more than $65,000 has been raised from close to 1,000 donors who have made donations as gifts. This is great! We have seen some fantastic emails and project reports promoting this campaign. (See a great example from our partner, SHINE Humanity, to the right.) But there are still more than two weeks left in the campaign and at least 5 qualifying spots left! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to mobilize your donors before the end of the year. Please see below for our four tips to success in the final few weeks of the challenge.

1.  Share a direct link to the “gift or in-honor-of” tab on your project page. Donors give when it’s easy. Include the direct link in all of your emails, project reports, and social media messages. Here’s how to create the direct link to the “gift” option:

[Project URL] + ?show=gift

See an example of the direct link here:

2. Market this campaign as a “last minute gift idea!” Christmas is only 10 days away. Hanukkah starts in just 5 short days! Now is the time of the month when your supporters are scrambling for gift ideas. Remind your supporters that GlobalGiving offers e-cards and print-at-home cards, making a donation to your project the perfect last-minute holiday gift! Remember, donors can choose to receive a card customized with your project’s primary photo.

The e-card and print-at-home options are available on the “gift” tab on your project page (see below).

3. Remind your donors about the added value of making a donation during this campaign—up to $2,500 in bonus awards for your organization! Tell your supporters exactly what you could accomplish if you qualify as one of the 15 winners of this campaign. Could you put another child through school? Could you save another acre of rainforest? Whatever it is, let your donors know!

4. Encourage your supporters to ASK for a donation to your project as a gift on their wish list this year! Ok, so your supporters have already made donations to your project as gifts. But, have they asked their family and friends for a donation as a gift this holiday season? This is an easy way for your supporters to help you spread the word and mobilize more donors for this campaign!

As always, use project reports, email newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to publicize this campaign! With all the chaos of the holiday season, it’s easy for your donors to forget to make a donation. It’s okay to send reminder emails and reports (just be careful not to come across as annoying or overbearing).


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