Facebook Engagement, Part 2 of 3

On Thursday, September 15th, GlobalGiving hosted a webinar on Facebook Engagement in collaboration with Make Me Social. You can listen to the recording here or view the slides here. This webinar was part of a three-part Facebook webinar series. Each session focuses on a different topic:

Session 1: Strategy and Planning
Session 2: Best Practices & Implementation
Session 3: Measurement and Monitoring

See a below for a summary of the second webinar:


Create Your Project Page – It’s easy!

Step 1: Go to Facebook.com/page.

Step 2: Select the category that your organization falls under.

Step 3: Create your custom URL (once you set it, you can’t change it, so make sure you love it!).

Step 4: Upload your profile picture.

Step 5: Develop your page’s information section (before you begin inviting friends).

Step 6: Select your admins (remember, admins have the ability to edit your page and control participation).

Step 7: Begin inviting your friends!

Listen to the recording for examples of great Facebook pages.

What makes a great profile picture?


  • Eye-catching;
  • Communicates information about your organization;
  • Includes a message about your work; and
  • is more than just your logo!


What is a landing page?

The landing page is what your visitors see before they  “Like” your page. Traditionally, this page is your wall. You can edit this setting under “Manage Permissions” when creating the settings for your page. In some cases, you might choose to direct first time visitors to your information page, rather than your wall.

Facebook also has a landing page application that allows you to customize your landing page with a personalized design. These branded landing pages can be an effective campaign tool. Customized landing pages generally cost $150-500 to have professionally built.


What content should you be posting on Facebook?

In order to make sure you are posting the best content to engage your supporters, you have to understand the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what Facebook posts make it onto your Fans’ newsfeeds.

Facebook uses the “Edge Rank” to determine what posts show up on users’ newsfeeds. The ranking system focuses on keeping content relevant and  recent. Not only is it based on the amount of time it has been since the post, but it is also based on the behavior of the individual user. Facebook shows users content from pages that they view regularly from their personal account. So, the more often that your supporters visit and engage on your page, the more your content will appear in their newsfeeds!

In addition, Facebook ranks different types of content differently. So, photos, videos, and  links are more valuable on Facebook than simple status updates. Similarly, Facebook ranks different types of engagement differently. So, if a user comments on or Likes your post, it is more likely that your content will appear on their newsfeed in the future.


What does this mean for your Facebook engagement?


It’s all about timing and relevance. Be sure to post content that is interesting and pertinent to your audience. Post consistent updates and make sure to schedule posts at times that you know your audience will be on Facebook. Look for a routine among your Fans.

It’s not just about the numbers! Instead, it’s about direct user engagement. Simply having numerous Facebook Fans is not as valuable as having less, active Fans who engage with your content.

To engage your Fans, keep your posts to 180 characters (single letters or spaces) or less. Be short and to-the-point. Make sure that your posts have a clear direction and that you give your Fans specific guidelines about what to do on your page. And make sure to use multiple forms of media in your posts to keep your content diverse and interesting!

Finally, remember that Social Media is not an island. All of your organization’s communications should be highly integrated to create the best user experience.

Listen to the recording for great examples of engaging Facebook posts.

There’s a lot more to learn! Stay up to date about Facebook’s newest features and the best ways to engage your supporters on Facebook:


Start experimenting. Try new things. Test out new posts at different times of the day or post using different types of media. You might even want to develop a small Facebook campaign to try out some of these new ideas!

Webinar #3

Join us on September 29th for the final webinar in this series. We will be discussing ways to measure your Facebook engagement. Join us at 9 am EDT (Time in your city) and 3 pm EDT (Time in your city) here: anymeeting.comg/globalgiving1.

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