Community Feedback: How To Get it, How To Use it

Perla Ni, CEO of GreatNonprofits and Marc Maxson, who manages GlobalGiving’s storytelling project in East Africa, teamed up to host a training on Community Feedback this week. Listen to the recording and check out a summary below!

“Customer Reviews” are a valuable source of credibility for companies. Amazon, Yelp, and ZAGAT use this feature to attract new customers. The company gains trusting customers without lifting a finger and past customers have a place to share stories about their experiences.

65% of online shoppers read reviews before making a decision. GreatNonprofits harnesses this new trend by allowing volunteers, donors, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders to review nonprofit organizations. These reviews, just like reviews for online stores, gives donors insight into what other stakeholders’ experiences have been like, thus giving the organization credibility.

Reviews on GreatNonprofits are also posted on Guidestar, Charity Navigator, and Network For Good, and now GlobalGiving! Check out review for Little Kids Rock on their GlobalGiving project page.

What happens when you receive a bad review? Don’t panic! Customers are used to seeing a few bad reviews and they are accustomed to weeding out irrelevant or unproductive comments. Plus, constructive criticism can be good for your organization. You have the option to respond to all reviews on GreatNonprofits with a comment. And, because all reviews are ordered by date, a new review will soon replace less favorable ones!

How Do I Get Reviews? It’s easy! Send an e-mail to your donors, partners, and any other stakeholders. Include the link on your website, send it out through Twitter and Facebook, and include the reviews in newsletters!

Where Should I Use Reviews? Feedback from donors and beneficiaries is useful on many online platforms. Blurbs from your “customers” can be included in e-mails, on brochures and other marketing materials, and on social networking sites. Include them on your website or place a GreatNonprofits badge. Reviews give your organization added credibility for donors who have not had their own interactions with you.

What is GlobalGiving doing to collect community feedback?

GlobalGiving staff member Marc Maxson also joined the webinar with updates from the field and GlobalGiving’s own project on developing community feedback, the Storytelling Project.

This project is our way of collecting in-the-field feedback from beneficiaries. We are entering them into our system and will soon be able to send you your own community’s feedback for your organization.

We have already collected over 12,000 stories in 6 months from 1,096 orgs and 2,368 locations! Why are we putting all this effort into gathering this feedback? First, it helps organizations find out what the real need is in their community, thus being able to provide better service. It also may help organizations to find the root cause of the surface problems of a community, resulting in an opportunity to create deep-rooted change in a community. It also shows your beneficiaries that you care about them, creating a more intimate partnership built on trust.

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