GlobalGiving Visits to Partner Organizations

“It was nice to have face to face interaction with a representative, and learn how Global Giving does value having a variety of projects and providing an additional platform to organizations for fund raising.” – Amy from Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners

This is some of the exciting feedback that we have received about GlobalGiving’s In the Field Program, an initiative that sends GlobalGiving representatives into the field to visit and connect with GlobalGiving’s partner organizations.

As a result of the fantastic responses that we have received from visited organizations, we are ramping up our field presence. This year, GlobalGiving has more representatives in the field than ever before—visiting organizations in over 15 countries this summer alone!

What is the purpose of GlobalGiving’s site visits?

The primary purpose of site visits is to ensure that GlobalGiving maintains its high quality projects by verifying that funds are being used appropriately. We also want to take advantage of these opportunities to:

  • Learn more about you, your project, and the community that you serve. This will make it easier for us to advocate on your behalf!
  • Work with you to develop your project page and fundraising strategies. Discuss GlobalGiving’s fundraising tools and resources and your organization’s fundraising strategy.
  • Answer your questions! Always wondered how to get your project on the homepage? Site visits are a great opportunity to ask your GlobalGiving-related questions.
  • Tell your donors about the work that you are doing. GlobalGiving representatives submit an electronic postcard that will be sent to your donors and posted on the In the Field page.
  • Highlight your project in more places. GlobalGiving representatives reach out to their own family and friends and blog about their trip, helping you reach a whole new pool of potential donors!

Who are GlobalGiving’s representatives?


Clint Misamore

Clint Misamore, Field Officer – Clint previously worked on GlobalGiving’s Operations Team and also manages his own project on GlobalGiving: Building Two Classrooms for 700 Rwandan Children. He co-founded Y-Generation Against Poverty, which provides individuals with opportunities to become exposed, advocate, and directly assist in international development issues and projects. Clint recently received a Master’s degree in Global Development from Syracuse University. As a Field Officer for GlobalGiving, Clint is traveling for six consecutive months, visiting GlobalGiving’s partners in Central America and Eastern Europe.




Shahd AlShehail, Field Intern – Shahd is one of six summer interns in GlobalGiving’s In the Field program. She is an MBA student at Johns Hopkins University and has an extensive background in non-profit management and marketing, having founded and run her own organization working towards women’s empowerment in Saudi Arabia. Shahd is fluent in Arabic and currently studying Turkish. She will be traveling with another intern, Isabel in Turkey and Armenia this summer.

Read postcards and blog posts from Clint or Shahd and other GlobalGiving representatives in the field.

What are GlobalGiving’s partners saying about site visits to their organizations?

So far, we’ve learned that site visits are a great way to reconnect with our partners overseas. There’s something about face-to-face meetings that just can’t be beat by conference calls or emails. But, before ramping up, we wanted to get feedback from organizations that have already been visited by GlobalGiving. A little more than 50 organizations responded to survey. This is what they had to say:

  • 87% say this visit helped their organization to better understand GlobalGiving;
  • 89% say GlobalGiving representatives are able to answer all their questions about GlobalGiving;
  • 85% say this visit helped to strengthen their relationship with GlobalGiving; and
  • 98% say they would like to be visited again!

Of course, it wasn’t all positive. We received some constructive criticism and have already taken steps to alter our In the Field Program to make site visits even more mutually beneficial.

Have you been visited by a GlobalGiving representative? Tell us what you think we could do to improve our site visits.

Interested in learning more about the In the Field Program? Email Alexis Nadin at

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