Taking Great Photos with Bud Force

Earlier today,  GlobalGiving hosted a training with photographer, Bud Force, who discussed valuable tips and tools for taking great project photos!

Below is some of the advice he had to offer GlobalGiving project leaders:

Composition Tips

  • The rule of thirds: As you look through your viewfinder, imagine a tic-tac-toe board over the shot. Bud recommends keeping your subject out of the center of the field to add some character to your photo. Also, shooting from above or below average eye level gives viewers a different perspective.
  • Manuel cameras: Aperture- dilation of pupil, shutter-how fast you blink speed, ISO- speed of film, increases control over lighting/image affect.

Recommended Editing Tools

  • Photoshop, Windows MovieMaker/ iMovie, Vegas- video editing (PC), Final Cut (Mac)


  • Sharing photos over the internet:  Bud recommends using a flickr to upload your pictures and Youtube for video because it has a strong search engine presence and can ensure more people  have the opportunity to view your media.
  • Be strategic in naming your images: When you name your file, use terms that you many want your picture to be tagged as, this will encourage your photos prominence in search engines.

Additional Resources

Bud Force Editorial Slideshow:

Buy online: www.bhphotovideo.com
Best small camcorder for filming in difficult environments:  theflip.com
Very tough camera for filming HD) gopro.com
Eye-fi cards: http://www.eye.fi/

Photoshop http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshopelwin/
PC basic video editing software: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/updates/moviemaker2.mspx
Mac basic video editing software:  http://www.apple.com/ilife/imovie/

Online Photo Sharing:

Social Media Photo Sharing:
www.ning.com-custom social network site where members of your organization can share photos

Photography basics:


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about 10 years ago

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Angel Chitrakar

about 10 years ago

How do I download the recodings from Bud Force so that I could listen it during my free time and practice the techniques. Anticipating your response. Regards, Angel

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