Sample donor email – Recurring Donation Campaign

GlobalGiving’s Recurring Donation Campaign begins on Monday, May 2nd at 12:01 am EDT! Use this as an opportunity to increase your organization’s monthly income through consistent and reliable recurring donations. Get your donors excited about the campaign by reaching out to them via email, Facebook, GlobalGiving project reports, etc. See a sample donor email below.

Keep the momentum going throughout the campaign by staying in touch with your donors and letting them know about your progress. Read tips for communicating this campaign to your donors.

Sample donor email:

Hi _________,

Did you know that for only $___ per month – the cost of one [coffee, lunch at a restaurant, sandwich, dinner, etc] – [Your organization] can provide [service or good] to [group] in [country]?

[Include a short personal anecdote about the work that your organization does related to the service you talked about above.]

We depend on donations to make sure we can provide this valuable [service or good] to the community each month. Help us provide a reliable [service or good] to more [people, animals, etc] by signing up for a recurring donation! A recurring donation is easy to set up and automatically goes to your credit card each month so you can help provide a steady income for [the community we work with]without having to worry about making separate donations each month.

By signing up for a recurring donation now, you can help us get an additional $1,500 through GlobalGiving’s Recurring Donation Campaign!  We need at least ten new recurring donations before the end of the day Friday, May 20 EDT in order to be eligible for additional grants between $500 and $1500.

Sign up for a recurring donation here:  [Link to your project page]. Be sure to click on the “monthly recurring” option below the large orange “donate” button.  Read instructions for setting up a recurring donation here.

Will you give up one [coffee, lunch, dinner, etc] a month to help [your community]?  Thank you for your support in this campaign!

Best wishes,

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