GlobalGiving’s Recurring Donation Campaign

One of the easiest ways to ensure a reliable source of income is to encourage your donors to sign up for recurring donations!  By making a recurring donation, donors pledge to give to your project every month. GlobalGiving will automatically deduct the donation amount from the donor’s credit card each month. Just think, for every donor who signs up for a $10 recurring donation, your project gets $120 a year!

GlobalGiving makes it easy for donors to make recurring donations.  Read instructions on how to set up a recurring donation. Read more about the benefits of recurring donations in a recent blog post.

In May 2011, GlobalGiving is making it even easier to ask your donors to sign up for recurring donations during the Recurring Donation Campaign.

The Recurring Donation Campaign will take place between Monday, May 2 at 12:01:00 am EDT and Friday, May 20 at 11:59:59 pm EDT. During this campaign, GlobalGiving is giving away $12,000 in bonus awards to help you encourage current (and new!) donors to sign up for recurring donations!

  • The top 20 projects that receive the most new unique recurring donors will each be awarded a $500 bonus.
  • One project that raises the highest donation amount per month from recurring donations will be awarded $1,000.
  • One project that attracts the most new unique recurring donors will be awarded an additional $1,000 (for a total of $1,500!).
  • Projects must have at least 10 new unique recurring donors to be eligible for bonus awards.

Terms and Conditions

  • Projects must have at least 10 new unique recurring donors to be eligible for bonus awards.
  • Donors must sign up for a new monthly recurring donation during the period of the campaign in order for the donation to be counted towards the campaign.
  • There is no fee applied to bonus awards. Your project will receive 100% of the bonus money.
  • Projects participating in the campaign must be live on by Friday, April 29th.
  • ONLY online donations will be included in this campaign. We will not accept checks for this campaign.
  • Donations made on or any GlobalGiving corporate sites (Nike, etc) will NOT be included in this campaign.
  • Nineteen $500 bonuses and one $1,500 bonus will be awarded for the most new unique recurring donors. A unique recurring donor is one specific individual, as defined by several measures including name and email address, among other criteria.
  • The final results of this campaign will be adjudicated in August 2011. Bonuses will be awarded based on the amount raised and the number of unique recurring donors at this time. In some cases, projects may forfeit bonus awards if donors cancel their recurring donations before the awards are given.
  • GlobalGiving maintains the right to make a final decision on all matters concerning the adjudication of unique donors and final results of the Recurring Donation Campaign and will adjust results accordingly.


Do you have additional questions? Please contact Alexis Nadin at


Joseph Anthony

about 10 years ago

Can we submit a project for the recurring donations campaign. We are already approved in due diligence to particpate in grassroots gateway from June 20 to Juyly 20, 2010. We we can also particpate in this we can submit our project immidiately. Please gvie us reply

Pamela Lee

about 10 years ago

Where can we see the leaderboard for the recurring donation campaign now in progress? I expected to see it at, and it was not there. Thank you.

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