Nike’s Employee Giving Program on GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving is proud to facilitate Nike’s employee giving program through the customized WE Giving portal. GlobalGiving handles all employee donations and corporate matches for over 30,000 Nike employees. We make it easy for your organization to manage your donations and correspondence with Nike employee donors! See below for FAQs about Nike’s employee giving program and an introduction to GlobalGiving for organizations referred to GlobalGiving by Nike and Nike employees.

Nike’s Employee Giving Program

What is the WE Giving portal?

The WE Giving portal is the website that Nike employees use to make donations and receive corresponding matching funds from Nike Inc. The WE Giving portal is only accessible by Nike employees who use a designated login to access the site.

How are donations matched through WE Giving?

Employees are given the option to auto-match their donations at check out. If employees choose not to automatically match their donations, they receive an email with a voucher code that they can use to apply their matching funds to another project on the WE Giving portal.

Introduction to GlobalGiving for Nike Referred Organizations

We are excited to welcome organizations that were referred to GlobalGiving by Nike and its employees! Since 2009, hundreds of incredible organizations have joined GlobalGiving through this referral process. From saving endangered turtles in the Pacific Northwest to providing arts education to kids in Argentina, you are doing valuable work throughout the world and we want to help by providing you with an easy-to-use and comprehensive fundraising platform.

What is GlobalGiving?

GlobalGiving offers a unique set of online fundraising tools, strategic support, and the opportunity to connect with our vast network of individual donors and corporate sponsors. Since 2002, GlobalGiving has helped hundreds of organizations raise over $40 million from more than 170,000 donors. Learn more about the benefits of GlobalGiving.

Does GlobalGiving contact the employee who recommended my organization?

Yes, GlobalGiving notifies the employee(s) who recommended your organization when your Due Diligence is approved.  Unfortunately our systems do not make it possible to notify employees when your project is live on WE Giving.

What are requirements for maintaining my project listing on GlobalGiving?

For every project that you post on, you must submit project reports at least once every three months to remain active on the site. Projects that are only featured on the WE Giving portal are not required to post project reports. Learn more about project reports.

How many projects can my organization post on GlobalGiving?

Organizations are welcome to post numerous projects on GlobalGiving. Keep in mind, for every project that you post on GlobalGiving, you are required to post quarterly project reports. Learn more about projects.

How do I access my disbursement and donor information?

You can access your donor information in real time using the donation manager in the Project Entry (PE) system. Learn how. Disbursements are sent via check or wire at the end of every month. Donations are disbursed at the end of the month after they are received by GlobalGiving (January donations will be disbursed in February, etc.). Disbursements are accompanied by a detailed disbursement report that includes information about the donors’ names (unless anonymous), email addresses, and fees.  Learn more about donor and disbursement information.

Additional questions?

Learn everything you need to know about GlobalGiving in the Project Leader Manual, which includes information about GlobalGiving’s fee, corporate partnerships, ranking system, partner rewards program, and more!

Visit slides from a recent training for Nike-referred organizations about Nike’s employee giving program and GlobalGiving.

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Bishop Raymond Mutama

about 10 years ago

The efforts done by Nike's employees giving program and global giving is a role model for my organization. Thank you for the good work you are doing to support the most vulnerable groups around the world. Kindly extend your hand and support us on project I thank you in advance for your support. I promise to abide by our memorandum of understanding. Bishop Raymond Mutama - Project Leader.

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