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Get tips for what to include on your organization’s “donate” page. Learn how to use GlobalGiving’s widget, see good examples of widget use, and understand the benefits of linking to GlobalGiving on your website.


Last Christmas my Dad asked for a donation to local homeless shelter as a gift. Nice and simple, right? Wrong! It just so happens that my Dad had chosen an organization that had practically no information available online. The organization’s website had no online donation option and no mention of where to send a check. To make matters worse, it was two days before Christmas (yes, I procrastinated) and offices were closed. So, although the organization had a website, there was no way for me to make a donation myself.

Don’t worry; the story has a happy ending. I gave my Dad a check, made out to the organization, for Christmas and he donated it himself the next time he volunteered at the shelter. But there is a valuable lesson to be learned from this experience. Your website is an important source of information for your organization’s supporters, donors, and potential donors. Your website is available 24/7. When your office is closed and your phones go straight to voicemail, your website is still turned on, answering your supporters’ questions.

At GlobalGiving, we spend a lot of time talking about donations that come to your organization through our platform but I also wanted to take a moment to discuss donors coming through your organization’s website.

Here are some tips for asking for donations on your website:

  • Make sure that your “donate” option is easy to find. Visitors should be able to find your donation options right away. The “donate” option should appear on every page.
  • Demonstrate how donations will be used. Provide one-two clear, jargon-free sentences about how donations are used. Link to a lengthier overview of your programs elsewhere on the site.
  • Provide compelling stories of impact. Sure, $10/month can send a girl to school. But who is that girl? How is school changing her life? Share honest stories that move donors to give.
  • Let donors know that their donations will be processed securely. Learn how donations are processed on GlobalGiving.
  • Know your audience. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to appeal to every donor out there. But who is your target audience? Why should they want to give to your organization? This will determine the content that you put on your website.
  • Test your website for usability. Identify someone from your target audience, preferably someone who has not given before, and ask them to test out your site. Here are three tests to check for usability.
  • Don’t just ask for money. Make it possible for your supporters to get involved in other ways. Create a separate page on your site for volunteer opportunities, newsletter sign-ups, and more. We’ve found that volunteers, fundraisers, and even newsletter followers can make the best donors long-term.
  • Keep your website up-to-date. Make sure your website does not contain stagnant, outdated information. Post updates, exciting news, recent stories, and more on your website so your supporters have a reason to come back. Remember, if you change your project on GlobalGiving, make sure to change the link and/or widget on your donate page.

GlobalGiving’s Widget

We know that web design is expensive. That’s why we have the GlobalGiving widget, which makes it possible for you to put your own, customized donation option on your organization’s website. You can find your project’s widget by clicking on “Promote This Project on Your Site” on the bottom right hand corner of your project page. Add the widget to your project website by copying the code that is provided and adding it to your website code.

Not interested in the widget? Use GlobalGiving’s “Give Now” button instead! You can find the code for the button just below the widget code on your project page.

Still don’t get it?

  • Send us an email and we’ll see if we can help you add the widget to your website.
  • Add a link to your GlobalGiving project on your donate page.
  • Or, post a volunteer opportunity requesting a volunteer to assist your organization in improving its donation page.

Here are some great examples of websites that link to GlobalGiving on the “donate” page:

More Than Me Foundation’s “donate” page tells donors how funds will be used and gives examples of donation options. They also make it possible for you to access the “donate” page from anywhere on the site.

European Disaster Volunteers (EDV) offers their donors different donation options based on their preferences. They clearly specify that donations made through GlobalGiving are tax deductible. EDV also makes it easy to access the “donate” page from every page on the site.

The Benefits of Linking to GlobalGiving

  • Become a GlobalGiving Superstar. Last week GlobalGiving announced its new Partner Rewards program. Superstar is the highest rewards level. In addition to reporting regularly and engaging in GlobalGiving campaigns, Superstars must link to GlobalGiving on their website.
  • Increase your project ranking. Improve your project’s chances of appearing on the homepage or higher in the search ranking by attracting more donors to your project from your website. Twenty percent of your search ranking is based on how many donors give to your project.
  • Offer tax deductions to your American donors. American donors are eager to make tax deductions. By giving through your GlobalGiving project, this is possible. Learn more.
  • Increase donor familiarity with GlobalGiving. Throughout the year GlobalGiving hosts several matching and fundraising campaigns. Donors are often surprised if you announce these campaigns on GlobalGiving without providing a precedent for donating on GlobalGiving. Post a link to GlobalGiving on your donate page to give your donors some much needed context.

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