Introducing our GlobalGiving Partner Rewards Program!

GlobalGiving is pleased to announce its GlobalGiving Rewards Program!  This will help us to better work with partner organization and recognize those that have long-standing relationships with GlobalGiving, report regularly, and actively participate in the GlobalGiving community.  If you work with an existing organization on GlobalGiving’s US or UK sites you will get an email that explains the program and which category your organization is currently listed.

In case you missed our webinar about this program on February 16, you can access the recording here:

Below is a description of our four main categories:


Emerging organizations are those that have had due diligence approved by GlobalGiving, but have not yet earned a permanent spot on GlobalGiving.  These are organizations that are waiting to participate in their first challenge, are currently participating in a challenge, or have participated in a challenge but have not met the challenge goal.


  • Participation in GlobalGiving’s Open Challenge, including access to cash bonuses, matching funds, and other incentives
  • Opportunity to receive free trainings covering online fundraising, network mapping, social media for non-profits, and donor communication
  • Access to GlobalGiving’s online fundraising and donor management tools


Partner organization are those that are a permanent member in good standing of GlobalGiving, either through successfully participating in an Open Challenge or through other means (corporate partner, project sponsor, etc).


  • Permanent access to GlobalGiving’s online fundraising and donor management tools;
  • Free monthly trainings covering topics such as financial management for non-profits, social media for non-profits, reporting on your progress, and more;
  • Inclusion on GlobalGiving’s employee giving programs with corporate partners;
  • Access to GlobalGiving’s site-wide matching campaigns;
  • Eligibility to receive gift card redemptions from donors.
  • Ability to post volunteer opportunities on the GlobalGiving site and its volunteer partner sites


Leader organization must be a permanent member of GlobalGiving with active approved due diligence and:

  • Be active on GlobalGiving for at least one year;
  • Open to receiving visitors/evaluators on an occasional basis;
  • Receive at least three donations per quarter;
  • Report regularly (at least 3-4 times per year);
  • Have at least 50 donors on GlobalGiving;
  • Have no more than one project retired for non-reporting a year.

Benefits are the same as Partner (above), plus:

  • Eligible to be recommended to a corporate partner, featured in GlobalGiving social media, and highlighted in donor communications;
  • Eligible for special trainings, matching campaigns, and other opportunities just for Leaders.


Organization must have same requirements as Leaders, plus:

  • Report on projects quarterly;
  • Have raised at least $24,000 over the past two years on GlobalGiving across all projects since joining GlobalGiving;
  • Be open to receive and participate in community feedback;
  • Include a donation link to GlobalGiving on the organization’s website.

Benefits are the same as leader, plus:

  • Most likely to be recommended to a corporate partner, featured in GlobalGiving social media, and in donor communications;
  • Eligibility for donor interaction and events;
  • Eligible for future trainings, matching campaigns, and other opportunities special for Superstars.

We hope this helps your organization to better succeed on GlobalGiving!  If you still have questions we’ll be holding a webinar on February 16 at 9am EST and 3pm EST

Webinar Link

Call-in Number: (218) 339-2409 | Attendee PIN: 8788194

* The link and phone number are the same for both the early and the late webinars

Skype: ggprojecthelp

**If you can participate by phone, we highly recommend that you call the number above.  If you cannot call a US number, let us know that you will join us by skype and add ‘ggprojecthelp’ to your contacts list.


Children's Voice

about 10 years ago

We are pleased to be a partner member of GlobalGiving

Markus Faigle

about 10 years ago

We are amazed we made it to superstar status. We are incredibly proud of the passion, dedication and tireless work done in the villages in Madagascar that made it possible in the first place.

Bishop Raymond Mutama

about 10 years ago

Universal Fellowship Organization is pleased to fund raise in partnership with global to support vocational training for 200 girls in Kenya who dropped out of school due to poverty, unwanted pregnancies, and sexual and gender based violence among others.Thank you for your support. Bishop Raymond Mutama - Project Leader

Fritz Mbah

about 9 years ago

HOTPEC Orphanage Buea-Cameroon is more than excited to join hands with Globalgiving to raise funds to build a dormitory for the under privileged children living in HOTPEC Home located in Lower Bokova, Mile 15 Buea-Cameroon.


about 9 years ago

I hope our organization will also be member of GG. So glad to complete our first round and waiting for second round for selecting..We waiting that day when we will work together for sexually exploited women and girls in the entertainment sector in Nepal.

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