How to Plan for an Exceptional Year of Fundraising on GlobalGiving & Important Dates in 2011

Do you want your organization to be successful in fundraising online? Of course! It’s every organization’s dream (well, almost every organization’s dream). So you need to plan for success. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to build a beautiful website and start a Facebook page. You need to be proactive about recruiting new donors and maintaining relationships with existing donors. You have to give your supporters a reason to get out there and spread the word about your cause!

GlobalGiving already has fundraising tools and campaigns intended to help your organization mobilize your existing network of donors. See below for dates of matching days and fundraising campaigns in 2011. But we also want to assist you in developing a strategy that will help your organization raise more money online in 2011.

GlobalGiving’s new Annual Online Fundraising Strategy Worksheet is designed to help you assess your organization’s current fundraising capacity, set challenging goals, and craft creative strategies for achieving those goals this year.

On Tuesday, January 25th, GlobalGiving hosted a training, “Planning for an Exceptional Year of Online Fundraising.” During the training, we walked through each section of the worksheet and offered examples. We also reviewed important dates of Bonus Days and other fundraising campaigns in 2011.

Watch the recorded training.

View the training slides.


GlobalGiving’s 2011 Calendar

This template calendar includes important dates—Bonus Days, fundraising campaigns, etc.—and valuable tips for fundraising online in 2011. Use it to create a plan for fundraising in 2011.


Bonus Days

On Bonus Days, GlobalGiving matches a percentage (30-50%) of each donation up until a certain donation amount. GlobalGiving will be hosting three Bonus Days this year. Stay tuned for more information about Bonus Days as the dates approach.

  • March 16th
  • June 15th
  • October 19th


Recurring Donation Campaign

Recurring donations provide your organization with a consistent, reliable, and long-term source of income. (Learn more.) GlobalGiving’s two-week recurring donation campaign will help you motivate your existing donors to become recurring donors.

  • May 2nd – May 20th

Photo Competition

Last year, GlobalGiving’s Photo Competition was a huge success! This year, we’re giving you another opportunity to mobilize your supporters without asking for a donation. Get ready for the Photo Competition by taking great photos. Learn more here.

  • Photo submission:  July 15th – August 1st
  • Voting:  August 15th – August 26th

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