2010 GlobalGiving Tech Round Up!

2010 has been a great year for GlobalGiving, but one of our proudest accomplishment is the new tech infrastructure and  tools we’ve created on GlobalGiving to make raising funds easier! Most of these improvements were made because you, our partners, suggested them.
Even more importantly, we’re working hard to improve the GlobalGiving site as a whole to help you raise more funds.  In the last year, improvements to GlobalGiving.org have:
  • Increased by 20% the percentage of people who ‘stay’ on the GlobalGiving site after visiting the homepage;
  • Increased by 10% the percentage of people who stay on GlobalGiving.org after visiting a specific project page;
  • Increased the percentage of people who make a donation after they visit a project page to as high as 20% on some days.
Below is a re-cap of just some of the new tools GlobalGiving’s amazing tech team has created this year.
Project Entry System
The project entry system was completely overhauled this year to both integrate it into the general GlobalGiving site and make it easier for you to enter and save projects.  We created a tabbed system that automatically saves your work as you go and lets you preview your projects before they’re submitted.
Improvement to Project Report Reminders and Entry System
Like the Project Entry System, the Project Report system is now integrated directly onto your account on the GlobalGiving site.  You can add new reports much more easily and improve the look and feel of your reports through the ability to add links and text formatting.  We also automated report reminders, so you get at least three notification of each report deadline.
Donation Manager
We created a donation manager linked to your GlobalGiving account to allow you to view all of the donations made to your project in real time.  You can see not only how much is donated, but you can also see who the donor is, where the donation came from, and how the donor paid.  You can also export all of your donor information onto an excel spreadsheet to upload into your own financial management system.
Thank You Note Capabilities
Along with being able to see who has donated to your project, we’ve added the ability to thank donors directly on the GlobalGiving platform – even anonymous donors.  GlobalGiving sends thank you notes and tax receipts to all individuals who donate through GlobalGIving, but many donors like to hear from the organizations they’re donating to directly.  This new feature allows you to send personalized emails – using a template created by GlobalGiving or a template you save yourself.  You can even upload your own logo.  The website also tracks who you have sent thank you notes to and who still needs to be thanked so that you don’t forget anyone.
Homepage and Project Page Redesign
The GlobalGiving.org homepage and your individual project pages have been redesigned to help increase donations to your projects. Photos are highlighted in a bigger way and donation buttons are more prominent.  The redesign has increased the percentage of people who donate to projects once they visit a project page.
We’re looking forward to adding even more new tech features in 2011. If you have ideas, suggestions, or comments for new tools or improvements, please pass them along!  We can’t wait to see what the next year has in store.

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