How to Attract the Elusive New Donor, Part 2

Welcome back to GlobalGiving’s three day blog mini-series on attracting new donors! You asked us how to attract new donors to your project. So GlobalGiving posed this question to our top fundraisers. Each day we’re sharing tips from the experts.


3. Be intentional about expanding your network of advocates.

Donors are great, but advocates are even better!  Advocates are individuals who share your love and passion for your organization. They are on the front lines, sharing information about your work with their networks. Advocates can be former staff members, volunteers, donors, or even pen pals!


In order to attract new donors to your cause, be intentional about expanding your network of advocates. Mali Health Organizing Project (MHOP) has succeeded in attracting new donors by relying on a carefully built network of volunteers who have seen first-hand the impact of MHOP’s work and are eager to spread the word to family and friends. In 2009, MHOP was able to mobilize 343 donors during GlobalGiving’s three-week Give More-Get More campaign, coming in first place! The organization’s network of advocates was instrumental in raising the alarm and driving donors to MHOP’s project.

Has your organization ever considered hosting volunteers? What about starting a pen pal program or inviting your donors to visit your projects overseas? In what ways can your organization expand and activate your network of advocates to fundraise on your behalf?


Post a volunteer opportunity on GlobalGiving’s site.


4. Give your advocates a reason to do outreach.

Your supporters care about your organization, but they might need a little nudge to encourage their family and friends to give. So why not give them a reason to get out there and encourage their networks to donate?

When asked how to attract new donors, many of our partners said that GlobalGiving’s Open Challenge and matching campaigns motivated their existing supporters to spread the word about the work they are doing. One organization, Lotus Outreach International, was even able to create their own matching campaign when a major donor stepped forward and pledged $4,400 in matching funds!  This encouraged old donors to increase their donations and new supporters to take the plunge and give for the first time. According to Erika Keaveney from Lotus Outreach, that “match campaign started a trend: new donors stepped forward and pledged additional matching funds.”

So, get creative! What can your organization do to encourage your advocates to do outreach?

You can make it easy for your advocates to conduct outreach on your behalf by helping them set up their own fundraiser page on GlobalGiving.


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