How to Attract the Elusive New Donor, Part 1

How do we attract new donors? It’s the question on everyone’s mind. Almost every time we talk to our partner organizations –on a site visit, phone call, or training session—that pesky little subject arises.

Luckily, GlobalGiving works with a large pool of fundraising superstars whose work, passion, and fundraising savvy has helped them snag hundreds of new donors over the past few years. So we posed this question to them. Over the next three days we will be sharing their tips and suggestions for attracting new donors in GlobalGiving’s first ever blog mini-series.

1. Look for venues to share your story.


Believe it or not, there are groups out there—Rotary Clubs, religious institutions, students groups, etc.—that are eagerly looking for ways to make a difference. So be proactive! Reach out to groups that are willing and interested to hear your story. Spread the word about your organization by organizing speaking events on college campuses, at churches and synagogues, women’s groups, and more! Use these opportunities to inspire your audience to give or to attract new long-term supporters. Be sure to tell people how they can help and get involved.

Zimkids International has organized outreach opportunities at American schools in Florida, New York, Colorado and Alaska. Mali Health Organizing Project (MHOP) works with supporters to host house parties featuring the work they are doing.  Both organizations have used these opportunities to add the ranks of donors supporting their cause.

What groups can your organization reach out to in your community, country, or even overseas to spread the word and attract new supporters?

2. Give prospective donors a reason to fall in love with your organization.

We both know that your organization is great, but your potential donors might need a little more convincing. It is important to inspire and motivate donors using stories and by allowing them to see and experience the impact of your organization’s work.

Dennis Gaboury from Zimkids International encourages potential and current donors to interact with the staff and the students at Zimkids International through pen pal programs, video conferencing, and emails. He uses this opportunity to show people that Zimkids is “hands on, innovative and committed,” and therefore a great organization to trust with a donation! As a result, Zimkids’ donors feel connected and therefore, more committed to the organization’s success.


How can you prove to potential donors that your organization is important, unique, and exciting? In what ways can you allow your supporters to see and experience for themselves the valuable work that you do?


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