Matching campaign begins at Midnight!

Don’t forget the Give More-Get More Matching Campaign begins on October 12 at midnight EDT! The rules and details of the campaign can be found on the Tools & Training Blog here:

You can follow the campaign using the Give More-Get More leaderboard: You will be able to track the number of donations received and the matching amount on your project pages beginning at midnight.

Remember, there is $100,000 available in matching funds and donations on will be matched up to $2,500 per donor per project until the funds run out in graduated percentages:

$10 – $499   –>  30% match

$500 – $999  –>  40% match

$1,000 – $2,500   — >  50% match

Some tips to make the most of the matching campaign:

  • Tell your supporters to take advantage of the opportunity – send a project report, email your own donor list, and post the opportunity on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Personally reach out to your major donors by phone or email – remember, GlobalGiving is matching donations up to $2,500!
  • Make sure your board members and staff know about the challenge so they can help spread the word as well.
  • Motivate your donors by the urgency of the campaign – remember there is only $100,000 available in matching funds!

Below is a sample email you can send to your suporters to let them know about the campaign.


Hi [NAME],

We have exciting news! You can increase the impact of your donation to [ORGANIZATION NAME] by making a donation starting on October 12, 2010 at midnight EDT! [ORGANIZATION  NAME] is participating in GlobalGiving’s Give More, Get More campaign, in which every donation made to our project, [PROJECT LINK] will be matched at the following scale:

$10 – $499   –>  30% match

$500 – $999  –>  40% match

$1,000 – $2,500   — >  50% match

This is GlobalGiving’s last matching campaign of the year and the last chance for you to have your donations to [ORGANIZATION NAME] matched. The campaign will run until October 21st or until all matching funds ($100,000) are used. Donate now before the matching funds run out!

This year [ORGANIZATION NAME] has raised $[AMOUNT]. As a result, we have been able to [EXAMPLES OF IMPACT]. With the funds we receive during the Give More, Get More campaign, [ORGANIZATION NAME] plans to [EXAMPLES OF PLANS].

Help us continue to make a difference in [COUNTRY, COMMUNITY, AREA OF WORK]! Thank you for your continued support.



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