Getting Ready for GlobalGiving’s Next Open Challenge

Tips for organizations that didn’t meet their fundraising goal


Today is an exciting day in the GlobalGiving office! We’re thrilled to announce that the September Open Challenge raised $401,169 from 4,900 donors for 136 organizations!  Amidst the excitement, however, we know that a lot of organizations did not meet GlobalGiving’s thresholds, despite a tremendous amount of organizing, outreach, and effort.

If you represent one of those organizations, don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten about you. We want to work with you to help your organization succeed in GlobalGiving’s next Open Challenge, which runs from November 29 – December 22, 2010!

We know that the Challenge just ended and that you’re probably tired from sending emails, calling friends, and reaching out to your networks, but now is actually the best time to begin preparing for the next GlobalGiving Open Challenge. Here are some steps that your organization can take to get ready:

1. Reflect on lessons learned

Take time as an organization to reflect on the following questions:

  • What methods of outreach were successful for this Challenge?
  • What methods of outreach were not successful for this Challenge?
  • What can our organization do differently during the next Open Challenge?

2. Maintain the donors you gained in this Challenge

  • Thank every donor that gave to your project during the Open Challenge! You can send personalized emails from the Donation Manager in the project entry system (PE). Just waive your cursor over the donor’s email address and you’ll see the option “Send a Thank You.”
  • Maintain relationships with your donors by staying in touch. Remember, don’t just ask your donors for money. Keep them engaged by updating them about the successes and struggles of your organization.

3. Expand your network

We know it can be tough to raise $4,000 and that you need a firm network of supporters to meet this threshold. So, use this time to expand your organization’s network. Brainstorm ways to reach out to new and prospective donors. Here are some suggestions:

  • Speak at local community gatherings, events, etc.
  • Host volunteers
  • Get your organization noticed in the newspaper

4. Identify your advocates

In order to succeed in an Open Challenge, your organization needs individuals to reach out on its behalf. Identify past supporters that are passionate, involved and well connected and start talking to them now about ways that they can assist you in outreach during the next Open Challenge.

5. Gather tools you can use to do outreach

  • Create a comprehensive list of your organization’s networks
  • Develop or improve your organization’s website to contain information that is relevant and valuable to your donors
  • Begin building a community of supporters using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media

Still looking for more ideas? Revisit the Open Challenge toolkit and keep an eye on the Tools & Training Blog, where we post tips for fundraising on GlobalGiving, information about the latest trends in online fundraising, and external funding opportunities.

Additional resources for attracting donors:

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