Recurring Donation Campaign Posts

Sample donor email – Recurring Donation Campaign

GlobalGiving’s Recurring Donation Campaign begins on Monday, May 2nd at 12:01 am EDT! Use this as an opportunity to increase your organization’s monthly income through consistent and reliable recurring donations. Get your donors excited about the campaign by reaching out to them via email, Facebook, GlobalGiving project reports, etc. See a sample donor email below.

Keep the momentum going throughout the campaign by staying in touch with your donors and letting them know about your progress. Read tips for communicating this campaign to your donors.

Sample donor email:

Be a top fundraiser in GlobalGiving’s Recurring Donation Campaign!

You asked us to make it easier to encourage donors to sign up for a recurring donation. So, here it is: the Recurring Donation Campaign! This campaign, taking place from Monday, May 2nd at 12:01 am until Friday, May 20th 11:59 pm, is a great opportunity to reach out to your donors about signing up for a recurring donation. The time constraint, thresholds, and bonus awards help  you to create a sense of urgency and to formulate a concrete ask: “Sign up for a recurring donation on GlobalGiving by May 20th to help us win one of twenty $500 prizes!”

On Wednesday, April 20th, GlobalGiving hosted a training on GlobalGiving’s upcoming Recurring Donation Campaign. We discussed the bonus awards ($12,000 in total!) and the campaign terms and conditions (read complete terms and conditions). We also discussed strategies for communicating and mobilizing your donors during this campaign. See training presentation.