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10 Tips for Accelerator Participants!

10 Tips for Accelerator Participants!

Creamos is a new partner of GlobalGiving having just finished the September Accelerator program. Creamos aims to improve women’s lives in Guatemala through various income-generating and welfare initiatives that foster self-esteem, physical health and financial independence. They raised the most money in the Accelerator campaign and they have shared the following insights with us. 

Here in Creamos we are a small team of five. Before the accelerator program, none of us had any experience in crowd funding. We had so many questions entering the campaign – Where do we start? How are we going to ask people for money? How are we going to balance the campaign with our actual work?

How to Write a Successful Microproject

How to Write a Successful Microproject

Marc Serna is a current GlobalGiving Ambassador for Cameroon. Our amazing Ambassadors are individuals working on our nonprofit partners’ teams that apply to represent GlobalGiving in their respective countries for a year. They foster and grow their nonprofit community through activities such as hosting workshops, meet-ups of local GlobalGiving partners, and conducting visits. Marc shared the following insights with us. 

In late 2014, Reach Out Cameroon gave our first try of the microproject tool. We wanted to pay for the special education of a little child, Thelma, the daughter of one of the young entrepreneurs whom we support. Thelma happens to be deaf and her education was too expensive for her mother. Today she is on her second year, and Reach Out has written and funded more than 10 microprojects. We want to share what we learned while doing it.

Creating Wealth Among Kenyan Youth

Creating Wealth Among Kenyan Youth

Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP) has been a GlobalGiving partner since 2010. They have participated in storytelling for multiple years and designed their project from that process. Recently they shared their insights with us. 

Eunice, 23 years old, resides in Kiambiu and works as a hairdresser and beautician. She was one of the vocational training students for VAP’s 2014 cohort. Soon after completing her course, she was referred to Emma’s salon for a job placement as a hairdresser.

Her greatest joy is the fact that she doesn’t create a living for herself but for her sibling as well. ‘’I always wished to do hairdressing but I didn’t have the money to pursue my dream. In Mrembo salon, I learned both beauty and hairdressing and it has been of great help in my life. I’m now earning some money, I get paid on commission. I don’t earn a lot but the little I get covers my upkeep, pays my rent, and I help out a little bit with my family especially my little brother who I help with school fees. I would like to have my own salon and a beauty shop and currently I am saving towards that’’.

Thanks for Your Feedback!

Thanks for Your Feedback!

Here at GlobalGiving, we strive to Listen to, Act on and Learn from your feedback.  So we are very grateful for the 750+ responses we received for the Project Leader Quarterly Survey this May!  This survey has given us important insights into what you think of GlobalGiving and how we can better support the wonderful work that you do.

One of the questions we asked is what kind of improvements to the website would you like to see.  Thirty-three percent of you said creating project appeal templates to email donors outside of project reports is your top priority, while 20 percent of you would also like to be able to embed videos in project reports.  We hear you!  We will be working with our team to implement these features so you can better communicate with donors and show them the importance and impact of their support.

We also asked what training topics would be most beneficial for your organization.  Eighty-three percent selected “Reaching potential donors on GlobalGiving or on social media,” while over 50 percent of respondents would like trainings in managing donor relationships and communicating with existing donors.  It is clear that donor recruitment, management and retention are topics that you are interested in!  We will be sure to put together more trainings on donor relationships in the future.

Introducing GG Rewards!


Notice something different about GlobalGiving? This is a week of big changes! We’ve launched a new look and feel on that will make it easier and faster for donors to find and give to your organization. The improvements made to will allow the site to load much more quickly and will look great on tablets and phones. The new homepage, header and footer are just the beginning of the visual changes you’ll see over the next several months. Stay tuned for more, and please let us know what you think along the way!

Even more exciting for our nonprofit community is the launch of our new GG Rewards Program. GG Rewards is the product of a culmination of feedback we’ve collected from our nonprofit community—folks like you—over the past three years about how you’d like GlobalGiving to better work with and reward your organization.

You told us you wanted:

  • A Rewards system based on more than just your ability to fundraise on GlobalGiving
  • A more flexible way to move from Partner to Leader and Leader to Superstar
  • Better visualizations and an easier way to understand your fundraising and progress
  • GlobalGiving help as you raise more funds for your work, and help to have a greater impact with those funds.

Our Partner Rewards program, launched in 2011, ranked organizations as Partner, Leader, and Superstar. The higher an organization rises through these rankings, the more visibility it receives from donors through corporate recommendations and social media attention. In 2014, we experimented with the Effectiveness Dashboard as a first step in being able to track and reward your organization for not just fundraising on GlobalGiving, but also your efforts to learn and improve. You’ve given us invaluable feedback over the last year on this initial experiment with tracking effectiveness, and that feedback has been used to shape our new program which launched today, called GG Rewards.

This week, we’re proud to announce GG Rewards—a combination of Partner Rewards and the Effectiveness Dashboard—that provides a more streamlined, helpful, and easy way for you to track your organization’s performance and to continue to grow both your fundraising and your organizational effectiveness.


If you liked the old Partner Rewards system and you’re not interested in exploring any of the effectiveness tools we provide, that’s not a problem. You can choose to focus on fundraising and earn points exclusively for fundraising-related activities on GlobalGiving. But, if you’re like many of the organizations that we’ve heard from in the past three years and you want GlobalGiving to provide more flexibility in how you can grow from Partner to Leader to Superstar, the new GG Rewards program provides just that flexibility.

Instead of having to fulfill every requirement in a rigid way, your organization can now earn points in any category it finds the most helpful in order to achieve Superstar status. Earning 18 points from either Effectiveness and/or Engagement activities bumps your organization up to the Leader level. Once your organization earns 36 points in any combination of those two categories, you’ve reached Superstar Status! (Want to know how we came up with these point levels? Check out this blog for all the details.)


Engagement and Effectiveness
Since 2011, GlobalGiving has been rewarding organizations for engagement with the GlobalGiving platform – fundraising, reporting, and attracting new donors, among other activities. Those activities are still being tracked under the “Engagement” section of GG Rewards, but now we’ve added a way for you to get credit for your organization’s commitment to learning and improving as well.

Here at GlobalGiving we believe that in order for a nonprofit (including GlobalGiving itself!) to improve, it needs to listen to the people it serves, act on what it hears by testing new ideas, and learn faster and more efficiently. We call this the Cycle of Progress: Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat. CycleOfProgressThe “Effectiveness” section allows your organization to earn points by demonstrating a commitment to learning and improving the work you do on the ground. You can receive points for using different tools available online and completing the Listen, Act, and Learn components for each tool. If you listen, act, or learn from your community outside of GlobalGiving, you can add a tool using the “Create-Your-Own cycle” to receive credit.


We’ve provided a few options to get you started on your learning journey – options like the Feedback Labs Toolkit to help you listen to feedback from your community and the DIY Toolkit to help spur innovation in your programming.

We recognize you may already be using some amazing tools that help your organization learn. You can easily register those in the Create-Your-Own cycle to get points toward your Superstar status. No one knows your organization better than you do, so we want to empower you to identify the priority areas for your organization, and we want to reward you for doing the things that help you improve the most – whether your priority area is fundraising, listening to your community, strengthening your monitoring and evaluation activities, or anything else that you’ve identified as an area for growth. Don’t know where to start? Our staff is happy to set up a one-on-one consultation to help identify what tools could be the most useful to help your unique organization improve.

Learn more and give us feedback
You can now take a look at your organization’s GG Rewards Status by logging in to GlobalGiving. We are also sending out personalized emails to every organization about their GG Rewards Status, how it may change, and what benefits you can expect, so check your inbox!

Still have questions? Start by checking out the GG Rewards FAQ page. We also put together a video tutorial to help you learn how to navigate your new GG Rewards dashboard. As always, we’d love for you to contact a member of our Program Team at for general questions, and also take advantage of our one-on-one consultations by signing up here for a more in-depth conversation about your GG Rewards status. We will also be holding a webinar on Wednesday, August 5 at 9am EDT (sign up here) and 3pm EDT (sign up here).

We can only improve if you tell us what you want! Your feedback is vital to us at all stages of this process, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. They’ll help us improve! Let us know what you think here. We’ll to continue to listen, act, learn, and repeat with this new tool so we can continue to get closer to driving more dollars to more effective organizations every day.