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New Trending Projects Feature on the Homepage

New Trending Projects Feature on the Homepage

Have you noticed anything different about our homepage? You can now see GlobalGiving’s brand new feature: Trending Projects!

How does it work?

Every night, GlobalGiving updates trending scores for all projects based on their donation activity  on GlobalGiving over the last rolling week. Projects with a large relative increase in their donations compared to their activity over the seven previous days will have the highest trending scores.

Each project’s trending score is calculated relative to its own recent donation activity alone.  This means a project going from one donation to 10 is more likely to be a top trending project than one that increases from 100 donations to 110 donations, even though they had the same raw increase in donors. This ensures that all projects are on a level playing field when it comes to calculating whether or not they’re trending. Scores are updated every night and will remain the same until they’re updated the following day.  

The projects with the top five trending scores will have a banner on their project pages, and the project with the topmost score will be shown on the homepage!  

The idea is similar to Twitter’s trending topics and is based on the idea that showing trends publicly can be a useful drive of charitable donations. Research has shown that people get excited to give when they see that others are also excited and already giving, so we hope this will be a great tool to use to mobilize your donors to help you get on the homepage as a trending project!  

What’s next?

Right now, the only information available about trending projects is the banner itself.  But, in the future, we will email you when your project is trending so you know when your project is on the homepage! We are also exploring ways to let you know when you are close to trending so that you’ll be able to get your donors to help push you over the edge!  As our tech team adds new updates to this, we will let you know! If you have feedback or comments about the feature or questions about how it works, please reach out! We are happy to help.

Listening to You: Results from the Nonprofit Partner Survey

Listening to You: Results from the Nonprofit Partner Survey

You’re probably used to it by now – every quarter, we at GlobalGiving send out a survey to get your feedback. We do this because we want to hear what you have to say, the good, the bad, and the ugly, so that we can ultimately serve you, our nonprofit partners, better in the programs that we run, the technology that we develop, and the services that we provide!

As you know, one of our core values at GlobalGiving is Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat. Surveying is one such way that we listen to you so that we can act in accordance with the needs, challenges, and priorities that resonate most. We are excited to share this overview of the top-line results, in addition to how we plan to act based on the feedback that we’ve received.

From May 15th to 26th, we released the 2017 GlobalGiving Nonprofit Partner Annual Survey, a long-form version of our quarterly survey, in which we asked you to answer key questions and topics related to the GlobalGiving experience. During the 12-day period during which the survey was open, 626 nonprofit partners responded. Of these, 55% were Superstars, 32% were Leaders, and 11.5% were Partners. (The remainder were organizations which are new to the platform.)

Ecuador Earthquake Recovery 100% Matching Begins October 11th!

Ecuador Earthquake Recovery 100% Matching Begins October 11th!

On April 16, 2016, a 7.8 earthquake hit the northwest region of Ecuador and was followed by many aftershocks causing devastating damage. According to the IMF, rebuilding could take 2-3 years and cost billions of dollars.

On October 11, 2016 at 9 am  EDT, donations to Ecuador earthquake recovery projects will be matched 100% to support the immediate relief efforts! 

If you have programs that were impacted by the April 16th earthquake in Ecuador, be sure to post a project that is tagged as “disaster recovery” and mentions the Ecuador earthquake before October 7th to be included in this opportunity. The campaign will last until funds run out or until 23:59 p.m. EDT on April 30, 2017, whichever comes first. For more information, watch the campaign webinar recording here. You can find the full terms and conditions on the leaderboard here.

To date, GlobalGiving has provided $170,000 in funding to organizations through the Ecuador Earthquake Relief Fund.  With this funding, GlobalGiving partners have been able to provide psychosocial support to adults and children, safe areas for children to play, health kits, clean water, shelter, and more. Even though it has been six months since this devastating earthquake, organizations have let us know that support is still needed for rebuilding and recovery. GlobalGiving is committed to supporting our nonprofit partners invested in communities impacted by disasters, like the earthquake, and committed to long-lasting relief.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the GlobalGiving team at


An Insight into GlobalGiving’s Due Diligence Review

An Insight into GlobalGiving’s Due Diligence Review

Glenna, our former Partner Services Team Fellow, shares insights into the GlobalGiving vetting process and the importance of social impact! 

What is social impact?

Social impact analysis is an important part of the GlobalGiving vetting process. Organizations that demonstrate social impact actively implement programs that improve the lives of their constituents. The most effective programs are informed by feedback from the community and work to best serve their community’s needs. 

When GlobalGiving processes your application, we look to a variety of indicators to analyze your organization’s social impact. These indicators may be grouped into the following broad categories:

New Roles Added to Your GlobalGiving Account!

New Roles Added to Your GlobalGiving Account!

Today, GlobalGiving is launching two additional account roles to make it easier for your organization to manage your GlobalGiving project. You already know that you can have Project Leader and Disbursement Contacts on your account, but now you can add Project Contributors and Rewards Contributors! By adding these additional account types, Project Leaders can receive assistance from other staff members on the various tasks required on GlobalGiving.

Why add these roles?

We know that organizations often have help from staff to finish all the necessary tasks to maintain projects on GlobalGiving. We want Project Leaders to have the ability to recruit volunteers to assist with this work without allowing them full access to sensitive information, such as bank details. By giving you more roles to assign to staff, you can have additional assistance with a variety of tasks and still hold privileges to private information.