The New Donor

The New Donor

My name is Starlyn and I am GlobalGiving’s Champion for Donor Engagement. It’s my job to learn everything there is to know about donors on GlobalGiving and help them make the most out of their giving experience. Last year I attended a conference on millennial giving, MCON, and I wanted to share some of my learnings with you, our nonprofit partner community.

This year’s hottest buzzword in fundraising is “millennials.” I can’t read any crowdfunding blog without hearing about this mysterious group of donors just waiting to be tapped. If you are still confused about what exactly a millennial is and why they matter to your nonprofit, this post is for you.

There is nothing mysterious about millennials. I am a millennial and odds are you know a few yourself. A millennial is someone who was born between the years 1980 and 2000. We grew up with household computers, mobile phones, and ready access to information. We are the most “plugged-in” generation yet but we also had parents that lived through the civil rights era and grew up with a culture of civic engagement. Just because millennials take less time to read articles or posts online doesn’t mean we are shallow or don’t care, it means that we know what we like and how to find it, quickly. Millennials also spend a larger portion of our day interacting with media (Facebook, texting, TV, radio, etc.) than previous generations, 18 hours per day by some estimates!

Un Mundo: Listening and re-envisioning our plans

Un Mundo: Listening and re-envisioning our plans

Un Mundo is a recipient of our 2015 Feedback Fund. Recently they shared this insight with us.


Women of El Paraíso, a community of approximately 200 people high up in the mountainous valley of the River Cangrejal in northern Honduras.

For several years, Un Mundo has aspired to build a program to empower women. Two times in the past, the organization helped to form income-generating groups for women that ultimately failed. When I joined Un Mundo just under nine months ago, I was encouraged to do some research to figure out what issues caused these efforts to fail and to use those insights to form a women’s group that would be more likely to succeed.

With the support of the Feedback Fund, I set out to see what I could learn. In collaboration with a local gender specialist, I conducted focus groups with about ten women each in five different rural communities. We talked about challenges that the women face and about ways that they dream of overcoming those challenges. Participants opened up about the lack of educational opportunities and health care for themselves and their families, about the extreme difficulty of traveling to the city for access to markets and other resources, about the impossibility of communicating with the world beyond their village, and about their desperation to find ways to make a living. Most of these women have little or no formal education, and almost all of them spend the majority of their time doing household chores and taking care of their children.

Mobile GlobalGiving

Mobile GlobalGiving

Did you know that GlobalGiving makes it possible for you to accept text-to-give donations for each of your projects? Every project on GlobalGiving has its own specific mobile giving keyword to accept $10 donations. Starting March 8, 2016, our text-to-give shortcode is changing to 80100. (The former shortcode will still work until March 31.) 

Here are some reminders about our text-to-give program: 16509115175_90a027f199_o

  • You have mobile giving capabilities for each of your projects (at no extra cost)!
  • Your text-to-give call-to action is: “Text GIVE <space> [PROJECTID] to 80100 to give $10 to GlobalGiving’s [PROJECT NAME] project”
  • You must include the carrier compliance terms every time you invite people to text-to-give.
  • The $10-per-text is charged to the donor’s phone bill and the donation shows up immediately in your GlobalGiving donation manager.
  • Disbursements from text donations can take up to three months to get to us, and then are subject to GlobalGiving’s regular disbursement cycle (up to one month).

Stronger Together: Growing the GlobalGiving Community

Stronger Together: Growing the GlobalGiving Community

You probably know that GlobalGiving is committed to listening to feedback from our nonprofit partners. Your feedback has helped us improve bonus days, guided our tech team on what fundraising tools to build, helped us design the GG Rewards program, and even influenced our website re-design. One thing that hasn’t changed is the way that nonprofits join GlobalGiving. Since 2008, new partners have had to succeed in an Open Challenge to become a permanent part of GlobalGiving’s community. This is about to change.

After every Open Challenge, we receive survey feedback from participants. Most participating organizations have a positive experience; they raise important funding for their program, improve their online fundraising abilities, and diversify their donor network. Nevertheless, we often receive feedback that the time restrictions created by the Open Challenge are too rigid to accommodate busy calendars. We also hear that some wonderful organizations aren’t able to qualify for permanent membership in the time allotted, even though they are doing great work in their community.

Announcing the Winners of the 2016 Video Contest!

GlobalGiving is thrilled to announce the grand prize winner of this year’s video contest and our four runner-ups! We had the thrill of watching more than 60 fantastic videos submitted by our nonprofit partners and it was very difficult to choose just five to be featured.

Our grand prize winner is…Concern Worldwide USTheir incredibly moving video about the aftermath and clean-up of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal was chosen as the top film by our judges at Backpacker Films. Here is a short comment from our judges:

“Nepal – Responding and Beyond conveys to the audience why it’s necessary to be aware of devastating events across the globe and whom it affects most.  Moreover, we see why it’s necessary to contribute time and funds to help alleviate the challenges of those caught in the middle of disasters like the Earthquake in Nepal.   Congrats to Concern Worldwide for creating an excellent film”

Watch their amazing video:

The Winners

Food for Thought – Denver: By providing food for families that might not otherwise be able to afford a meal, Food for Thought – Denver is changing the lives of families in their community. Their touching video shows the impact of their work and how rewarding it is to give back.

3 Generations: The unique introduction in this video draws you in and makes you feel the power of telling your story. By providing a voice to the people around the world who need to be heard, 3 Generations is empowering people and inspiring communities.

mothers2mothers: This animated film takes you through the details of a complex problem throughout Africa. You really feel the impact of their program and how a mother can be uplifted through their work.

Women LEAD: This video takes you through the women’s leadership program in Nepal through the lens of all of the members of the community. It starts with the historical background and social context in Nepal so you know why their program is so crucial.  You get to hear from many of the the women in the program and even their mothers.

Congratulations to all of our winners! We are already looking forward to watching more amazing videos next year.