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Results from the Nonprofit Partner Survey – Part Two

Results from the Nonprofit Partner Survey – Part Two

One of GlobalGiving’s core values is to Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat, which means we want to hear feedback from you, our amazing nonprofit partners. Surveying is one such way that we listen so that we can act in accordance with the needs, challenges, and priorities that resonate most.

From May 15th to 26th, we released the 2017 GlobalGiving Nonprofit Partner Annual Survey, a long-form version of our quarterly survey, in which we asked you to answer key questions and topics related to the GlobalGiving experience. We have already covered part one of the survey results and now we’d like to present the final analysis!

The Results, Part Two

As you know, GlobalGiving is not just a fundraising platform; we also want to be your hub for learning! We believe one thing is true across all sectors: the most effective organizations are those with a learning culture. Therefore, we wanted to get a better sense of what your expectations were around learning on GlobalGiving and whether those expectations were met.

An Insight into GlobalGiving’s Investigation Process

An Insight into GlobalGiving’s Investigation Process

At GlobalGiving, we work hard to be able to say that we have complete confidence in the amazing work our partners are doing in their communities. GlobalGiving has a few monitoring processes in place to ensure that our community of partners is doing great work around the world.

To start, every partner on our site has undergone a due diligence review before fundraising on GlobalGiving. All nonprofits are also required to renew their due diligence every two years in order to stay active on our site.

Other than the due diligence process, what are other ways that GlobalGiving ensures that only legitimate and trustworthy organizations participate in our community?

Site visits are one of the ways we monitor the GlobalGiving community: we visit our partners in the locations where they work every other year. Site visits are a great way to build relationships between the GlobalGiving and your team because it is also an opportunity to better understand ways that GlobalGiving can support your organization!

The New Community Engagement Team at GlobalGiving!

The New Community Engagement Team at GlobalGiving!

At GlobalGiving, we love the opportunity to be able to support all our amazing nonprofit partners located all over the world. Whether it is through an online chat, a phone call, or an email, our staff love the opportunity to hear about the amazing work you are doing and find out the ways we can best assist! In an effort to grow that support system even more for our partners, we have created the Community Engagement Team focused on ensuring your GlobalGiving experience is an amazing one!

So let’s meet the people you will be interacting with through your GlobalGiving journey! First, we have two new fellows to welcome to the team!


Andrew Denu

Andrew is excited to work with nonprofit leaders around the world by helping them share their innovative projects in the GlobalGiving community improve their fundraising and social impact capabilities. His passion for sustainable international development stem from his agricultural work in Uganda with a grassroots nonprofit organization called Village Health Project. Andrew grew up in the Midwest and attended University of Wisconsin-Madison for global health and biology.


Sonja Knudson

Sonja is excited to be able to help project leaders harness the power of the GlobalGiving community. Before joining GlobalGiving, Sonja received a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Latin from Tufts University. Sonja’s passion for nonprofit work grew exponentially in college through her student advocacy work to end global health inequities.


The final two members of this new team are two permanent staff positions. First we have Miranda!

Miranda Cleland

Miranda shares inspiring stories from GlobalGiving’s nonprofit partners, run’s GlobalGiving’s social media accounts, and strives to connect donors and nonprofits in the GlobalGiving community. She is a recent graduate of American University where she studied international relations and Arabic. Miranda has been a GlobalGiver from many angles—she is a former intern, and a nonprofit project leader for Aid Afghanistan for Education.


And finally, myself!

Emily JamesI have had the pleasure of working with all of you for the past year and a half and cannot wait to continue! Whether it be through phone calls, emails or one-on-one consultation, it is so exciting to be able to help all our amazing nonprofit partners all over the world. Please make sure to reach out to this new team and say hello! We are here to help! 🙂

Are YOU Ready for Youth Week?

Are YOU Ready for Youth Week?

Today, youth make up 16% of the world’s population, the largest ever in history. Children around the world experience extreme poverty, child marriage and prostitution, internal displacement, increased risk of HIV/AIDS, and so many other challenges. Nevertheless, young people everywhere continue to act as community leaders and peacemakers. That is why the International Youth Day 2017 theme is Youth Building Peace to recognize the youth efforts in creating sustainable change. Every day our children give us hope for a better future and a reason to fight for it. This year GlobalGiving wants to celebrate our partners working with our future and we are excited to launch the  International Youth Week Campaign!

This August, all projects that work with youth qualify for the week-long campaign.  Starting at 9:00am EDT on Monday, August 7th, and running until 11:59pm EDT on International Youth Day, Saturday, August 12th, GlobalGiving will have $13,000 in matching funds available applied at 100% on all eligible donations up to $250. Additionally, there is a 100% match on all recurring donations started during the campaign week (up to $250). GlobalGiving will also be giving out $2,000 worth of bonus prizes to the top 3 projects with the most funds raised and top 3 projects with the most unique donors!

Check Out Our Brand New Nonprofit Partner Handbook

Check Out Our Brand New Nonprofit Partner Handbook

We hope you’re just as excited as we are about the brand new Nonprofit Partner Handbook! Have you taken a peek inside yet? We have worked really hard to make sure that every question you may have about using the GlobalGiving platform is answered by this page!

So what can you find in this comprehensive handbook? We have broken up the information into six easy pages to get the most out of your GlobalGiving partnership!

  • Your Journey: Are you aware of all the amazing resources and opportunities available to you as a GlobalGiving partner? Make sure to take a look at this page to learn more about all the benefits available to you!
  • Navigating Project Entry: Have you ever wondered how many people are visiting your project page? Are you looking for tips on how to write more compelling reports to your donors? Find out everything you wanted to know about navigating through your GlobalGiving dashboard on this page!
  • Start Fundraising: This is the perfect place to find great fundraising resources to make sure your GlobalGiving project is a success! From ways to increase your search ranking to learning more about our corporate partnerships, use this page to discover new ways to take your fundraising to the next level.
  • Get Involved: GlobalGiving has tons of different ways for you to get more involved with our community! Join one of our academies to network with your nonprofit peers and learn more in the areas of social impact and fundraising. Or participate in one of our many campaigns or contests throughout the year to give your donors new and exciting ways to maximize their donation’s impact.
  • Stay Informed: From joining the Project Leader Facebook group to reading our monthly newsletters, there are many ways to make sure you are staying up to date with all the important opportunities happening at GlobalGiving!