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May 13th Bonus Day – We’re Matching EVERY Donation!

May 13th Bonus Day – We’re Matching EVERY Donation!

This is a brand new kind of Bonus Day! On May 13th, GlobalGiving will be matching every single online donation between 09:00:01 EDT and 23:59:59 EDT.

How is this possible?

In order to match every donation for 15 hours, GlobalGiving is hosting our first-ever Pro-Rated Bonus Day. There is $75,000 available in matching funds and matching percentage will be determined based on the total amount raised that day. So, the matching percentage will be calculated at 23:59:59 EDT using the following matching formula:

($75,000/Total amount raised) x 100 = Matching percentage

Here are some examples:

If the total amount raised is $150,000:

  • On Bonus Day, you raise $5,000 for your project.
  • The total amount raised on Bonus Day is $150,000.
  • There are $75,000 in matching.
  • Use our matching formula to calculate the matching percentage: ($75,000/$150,000) x 100 = 50%
  • Your organization would receive: $5,000 x .5 = $2,500

If the total amount raised is $300,000:

  • On Bonus Day, you raise $5,000 for your project
  • The total amount raised on Bonus Day is $300,000.
  • There are $75,000 in matching.
  • Use our matching formula to calculate the matching percentage: ($75,000/$300,000) x 100 = 25%
  • Your organization would receive: $5,000 x .25 = $1,250

Another one? Here’s a real life example from last May’s Bonus Day:

  • In the May 2014 Bonus Day, Ishahayi Beach School Foundation raised $8,735
  • The total raised on that Bonus Day was $190,640
  • With $75,000 available in matching, here would be the matching funds for Ishahayi Beach School Foundation:

($75,000/$190,640) x 100 = 39.3%

  • Ishahayi Beach School Foundation would receive: $8,735 x .393 = $3,432.86 in matching

Each donation you receive until midnight will be matched! This also means that your donors don’t have to give right away at 9 am EDT. Donors can give later in the day and still have their donations matched!

Why is GlobalGiving offering a Pro-Rated Bonus Day?

In 2014, you asked us to come up with a new Bonus Day structure that would prevent funds from running out early in the day. Organizations were hearing from their supporters, who were unhappy when they gave after limited matching funds were exhausted. So, we challenged our Leadership Council to propose alternative Bonus Day structures that would allow our limited matching funds to last longer. After considering several great proposals, the Pro-Rated Bonus Day was born! We are excited to experiment with this new structure and we hope to continue to improve and evolve GlobalGiving’s matching campaigns to help our partners achieve their fundraising goals.

Want some more information?

  • We will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, April 29th at 9am EDT and again at 3pm EDT. Register here for the 9am session and register here for the 3pm session.
  • We also have one-on-one consultations available with our staff if you are interested in speaking with someone about your strategy. You can sign up for one here.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Bonus Day begins at 09:00:00 EDT on May 13, 2015 and ends at 23:59:59 EDT on May 13, 2015.
  • There is $75,000 in matching funds available.
  • Online donations of up to $1,000 per individual donor per project are eligible to be matched.
  • Matching will be determined on a pro-rated basis. The matching percentage will be based on the total amount raised on Bonus Day.
    • Here is the formula to determine matching funds:

($75,000/Total amount raised) x 100 = Matching Percentage

  • Final matching allocation will be determined by May 15th at 23:59:59 EDT. Before that date, matching funds and percentage displayed on the Leaderboard are not confirmed.
  • The Bonus Day Leaderboard will show the matching percentage throughout the day. It will continue to update and change until 23:59:59 EDT on May 13th. Matching funds for your project will not appear until 23:59:59 EDT on May 13th.
  • Projects must be approved and live on the website by May 11, 2015 to be eligible.
  • Only donations made by unique donors per project will be matched. Unique donors are determined using numerous criteria, including name, email address, credit card number, mailing address, and IP address. We are monitoring these and other parameters in our system to ensure that only unique, distinct donors are counted.
  • Only online donations made by credit card, PayPal, or a GlobalGiving official gift card are eligible for matching. Donations made by check or text-to-give are not eligible.
  • Donations made on or any GlobalGiving corporate sites including Benevity are not eligible for matching.
  • GlobalGiving funds, such as the Ebola Fund and Girl Effect are not eligible for matching.
  • Please note that GlobalGiving will monitor and review all donations made through this matching offer.
  • Online donations made using PayPal or credit card must be made by the PayPal account or credit card holder.
  • GlobalGiving will indicate in your donation manager which donations are eligible to be matched based on the time that the donation was made and the method of payment. This does not guarantee that a specific donation will be matched.
  • Any donor who makes an eligible donation on Bonus Day will be able to see the matching funds for their donation on their GlobalGiving receipt page if they refresh the receipt page after 60 seconds. This does not guarantee that a specific donation will be matched.
  • GlobalGiving maintains the right to make a final decision on all matters concerning the allocation of matching funds.
  • Please note that all donations are final. GlobalGiving cannot change the time, date, or status of a donation after it is processed for any reason.
  • GlobalGiving is a registered nonprofit in the United States. Donations made on can only be claimed as tax deductible contributions on United States tax returns.
  • Fulfillment fee for donations: GlobalGiving charges a 15% fulfillment fee on donations but works to keep the fees you pay as low as possible while providing you great services and resources. During the May 13, 2015 Bonus Day the fulfillment fee only applies to the initial donation. The fulfillment fee does not apply to the match. The fee covers all transactional charges such as credit card fees, as well as helps cover the costs we incur to promote organizations and projects, provide them with fundraising training and tools, and maintain and improve our online technology in order to keep you connecting with new donors. With our add-on option, we also offer the donor the opportunity to make an additional donation to cover the fee.
  • As always, let us know if you have any questions at


Refer a Friend Program – Earn bonus prizes and strengthen our global community!

Refer a Friend Program – Earn bonus prizes and strengthen our global community!

Ready to earn some extra money for your organization? Invite new organizations to join GlobalGiving and earn $100 for your organization for each referral that succeeds in the June Open Challenge. We’ll also give $100 to each successful organization you refer – because if you think they are great – we do too! See below for the complete terms and conditions.

Refer an organization using this form. There is no limit to the number of organizations you can refer or the money you can earn.

Need another reason to refer new partners besides earning money for your organization? Growing a vibrant community of nonprofit partners working on a variety of issues around the world helps GlobalGiving attract corporate partners and other new donors, which means more potential funders for your important work!

The application deadline for the June Open Challenge is April 24th so refer a friend today!

Thank you for your help growing the GlobalGiving community.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Each organization referred by a current GlobalGiving partner using the nomination form or the unique link that successfully completes the June Open Challenge (raising $5,000 from 40 donors) will earn a $100 bonus prize.
  2. For each organization you refer that successfully completes the June Open Challenge, GlobalGiving will add $100 to your organization’s next GlobalGiving disbursement.
  3. Referred organizations that have previously applied to join GlobalGiving are not eligible for bonus prizes.
  4. For organizations participating in the Open Challenge, the $100 bonus will not count towards the required thresholds of $5,000 from 40 donors or towards earning any of the Bonus Grants in the Open Challenge for most dollars raised or most donors. The $100 will also not count towards any matching campaigns within the Open Challenge.
  5. There is no limit to the number of organizations you can refer.
  6. Referred organizations that do not successfully complete the 2015 June Open Challenge by raising $5,000 from 40 donors will not earn any reward funds for themselves or for the referring organization.
  7. GlobalGiving reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding referral credits and payments.

Email with questions about the Refer a Friend program.

Written by Michael Gale, Senior Program Manager


Microsoft YouthSpark Bonus Day – April 14, 2015!

Microsoft YouthSpark Bonus Day – April 14, 2015!

GlobalGiving is excited to announce the next Microsoft YouthSpark Bonus Day – April 14, 2015!

The campaign will run on and from 09:00 am EDT until 23:59 EDT with one consolidated leaderboard on announcing donations, bonus prizes, and matching funds. There will be $100,000 in matching funds and 5 bonus prizes. Donations will be matched 50% up to $1,000 per donor per project.  Bonus Prizes will be awarded to projects/microprojects with the most unique donors.

To learn more, register for a Webinar here:

How to join YouthSpark

April 7th is the deadline to submit your eligibility to participate in Microsoft YouthSpark April Bonus Day.

Joining YouthSpark

Ebola 100% Matching Campaign

Ebola 100% Matching Campaign

On April 1st at 00:00:01 EDT (see what time this is in your city) and will match eligible donations 100% while funds last for Ebola focused projects. There will be $100,000 USD in matching funds on and £15,000 of matching funds on

The fight to eliminate Ebola and rebuild after the crisis is long from over. After reaching zero cases of Ebola, Liberia recently announced a new case in the country. Sierra Leone continues to fight the outbreak, with the president recently announcing a three-day lock-down for the country. Guinea struggles with civil unrest while the number of cases is increasing.

We invite organizations, who are working on Ebola related efforts, to participate in the match campaign.

The Ebola Match Campaign is running concurrently on the and websites! This is a fantastic opportunity for all eligible partners to gain additional funding, gain more exposure, and offer your UK & US supporters a direct and relevant way to give to your project while also gaining country-specific tax benefits. If your projects are not currently on both GlobalGiving US and GlobalGiving UK, now is the perfect time to cross post!

  • If your project is currently listed on and you would like to cross post your project to GlobalGiving UK‘s site, let us know here.
  • If your project is currently listed on and you would like to cross post your project to, let us know here.

The US & UK campaigns will start at the same time, however please note that there are different match funding pots available, different leaderboards (found on the and websites respectively), and different terms and conditions.

To make things a bit simpler, we have created a quick comparison table of the two campaigns to help with your campaign planning and communications.  The full terms and conditions for each campaign are included below.


New Feature: Referrals and Campaigns

New Feature: Referrals and Campaigns

You asked. We listened… and delivered! Check out the new additions to your GlobalGiving dashboard. Based on your feedback, we are excited to launch a new feature that will give you the ability to see the campaigns in which your organization has participated. And, for the first time, you will also be able to see the number of times your organization has been referred to a potential GlobalGiving corporate partner!

screenshot dashboard