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Announcing 100% Matching for Nepal Earthquake Recovery Projects

Announcing 100% Matching for Nepal Earthquake Recovery Projects

At the one year anniversary of major disasters, GlobalGiving supports the fundraising efforts of our partners who are committed to ongoing recovery and rebuilding. On April 25, 2016, GlobalGiving will be matching donations at 100% to projects that have been providing relief after the devastating 9.0 earthquake that hit Nepal last April.

Sign up for the 9:00 am EDT (14:00 pm BST), March 30th webinar to learn more: Registration Link.

The Nepal earthquake anniversary campaign starts on and on April 25th at 9:00 am EDT (14:00 pm BST), and it will last until funds run out or June 30th, whichever comes first.

Here is the criteria for a donation to get matched (full terms and conditions will be available on the leaderboard when it’s live):

Stronger Together: Growing the GlobalGiving Community

Stronger Together: Growing the GlobalGiving Community

You probably know that GlobalGiving is committed to listening to feedback from our nonprofit partners. Your feedback has helped us improve bonus days, guided our tech team on what fundraising tools to build, helped us design the GG Rewards program, and even influenced our website re-design. One thing that hasn’t changed is the way that nonprofits join GlobalGiving. Since 2008, new partners have had to succeed in an Open Challenge to become a permanent part of GlobalGiving’s community. This is about to change.

After every Open Challenge, we receive survey feedback from participants. Most participating organizations have a positive experience; they raise important funding for their program, improve their online fundraising abilities, and diversify their donor network. Nevertheless, we often receive feedback that the time restrictions created by the Open Challenge are too rigid to accommodate busy calendars. We also hear that some wonderful organizations aren’t able to qualify for permanent membership in the time allotted, even though they are doing great work in their community.

Announcing the Winners of the 2016 Video Contest!

GlobalGiving is thrilled to announce the grand prize winner of this year’s video contest and our four runner-ups! We had the thrill of watching more than 60 fantastic videos submitted by our nonprofit partners and it was very difficult to choose just five to be featured.

Our grand prize winner is…Concern Worldwide USTheir incredibly moving video about the aftermath and clean-up of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal was chosen as the top film by our judges at Backpacker Films. Here is a short comment from our judges:

“Nepal – Responding and Beyond conveys to the audience why it’s necessary to be aware of devastating events across the globe and whom it affects most.  Moreover, we see why it’s necessary to contribute time and funds to help alleviate the challenges of those caught in the middle of disasters like the Earthquake in Nepal.   Congrats to Concern Worldwide for creating an excellent film”

Watch their amazing video:

The Winners

Food for Thought – Denver: By providing food for families that might not otherwise be able to afford a meal, Food for Thought – Denver is changing the lives of families in their community. Their touching video shows the impact of their work and how rewarding it is to give back.

3 Generations: The unique introduction in this video draws you in and makes you feel the power of telling your story. By providing a voice to the people around the world who need to be heard, 3 Generations is empowering people and inspiring communities.

mothers2mothers: This animated film takes you through the details of a complex problem throughout Africa. You really feel the impact of their program and how a mother can be uplifted through their work.

Women LEAD: This video takes you through the women’s leadership program in Nepal through the lens of all of the members of the community. It starts with the historical background and social context in Nepal so you know why their program is so crucial.  You get to hear from many of the the women in the program and even their mothers.

Congratulations to all of our winners! We are already looking forward to watching more amazing videos next year.

The First Bonus Day of 2016!

The First Bonus Day of 2016!

Get ready for the March Pro-Rated Bonus Day! GlobalGiving is putting up $75,000 in matching to help you mobilize donations to your projects. Starting at 09:00:00 EDT on March 16th, all donations until midnight are eligible to be matched at the Pro-Rated percent.

What is the Pro-Rated percent?

The Pro-Rated percent is based on the total amount of funds raised on Bonus Day, the amount your organization has raised, and the amount of matching funds that are available. This means we don’t yet know what the matching percent will be but we will find out at the end of the Bonus Day.  With this structure, GlobalGiving is able to offer matching funds for every online donation during the day.

Are you wondering how to figure out how much matching you will get?

(amount of funds you raise/amount of total funds raised on Bonus Day) x $75,000 = matching funds you receive

Here is a real life example from last May’s Pro-Rated Bonus Day

  • In the May 2015 Pro-Rated Bonus Day, Children’s Joy Foundation raised $52,505
  • The total raised on that Bonus Day was $289,476
  • There was $75,000 available, here is how the matching worked for Children’s Joy Foundation:
    • ($52,505/$289,476) x $75,000 = $13,603 in matching
    • That would a matching percentage of ($13,603/$52,505) x 100 = 25.9%

Each donation you receive until midnight will be matched at the pro-rated percent! This also means that your donors don’t have to give right away at 9am EDT. They can wait until later in the day or until the very last second!

We are also excited to announce that GlobalGiving UK will be joining this campaign! If your projects are listed on GlobalGiving UK, donations through GlobalGiving UK will also be eligible for their Pro-Rated Bonus Day. Additionally, donations made through GlobalGiving UK by UK citizens are eligible for GiftAid, an 25% match provided by the UK government. Keep in mind, the campaigns are separate and so their Pro-Rated percent will be different from GlobalGiving’s.

To get your project listed on GlobalGiving UK for the Bonus Day, just complete this form by March 7th.

If you have any questions or want some more information, we will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, February 25th at 9am EST and again at 3pm EST. We will be discussing the Pro-Rated structure and providing tips on how to communicate with donors to maximize this unique opportunity!

Register here for the 9am session and register here for the 3pm session.

We also have one-on-one consultations available with our staff if you are interested in speaking with someone about your strategy. You can sign up for one here.

Get Ready for Your Close-Up!

Get Ready for Your Close-Up!

GlobalGiving is excited to announce our fifth annual Video Contest!  Each year our team has the pleasure of watching your inspiring videos to select one grand prize winner and four runner-ups to be featured in GlobalGiving’s outreach efforts to donors.

The grand prize winner will also be featured in one of GlobalGiving’s monthly newsletters. Our grand prize winner will be chosen by Backpacker Films, Inc. who have generously donated their time to help us. The newsletter will be emailed to more than 130,000 subscribers! Past video contest winners have received upwards of $6,000 in donations because of the newsletter.

Do you already have an amazing video on one of your projects? Great! Submit your entry here.

If not, don’t worry! We have some great resources to help you create an amazing video.

How to submit your video:

  • Upload your video to YouTube.
  • Embed your YouTube video into your project page. Save and submit your project edits by February 10th to be eligible. The GlobalGiving team will review and approve your changes within 1-2 business days.
  • Submit the web address for your project page and video in this entry form by February 12th.
  • Don’t forget, even if you don’t win the contest, you will still get GG Rewards points for participation!

Adding Music to your Video

Looking for some music to add to your video without worry about copyright issues? Check out the Vimeo Music Store. The Vimeo Music Store includes songs for commercial use and the site even provides some great songs for free!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Participating organizations must be current GlobalGiving Partners, Leaders, or Superstars.
  • Please note the project must be listed as “active” on by the entry form deadline for the video to be eligible.
  • Eligible videos must be between 00:30 seconds and 3 minutes long. Videos that are longer than 3 minutes will be disqualified.
  • Videos must be embedded in an active GlobalGiving project page in order to qualify for the Video Contest.
  • The submitted video must focus on the content described in the project.
  • Videos should be high quality and creative.
  • Videos may not contain any copyrighted element including music, videos, or photographs. Be sure that you have obtained all necessary legal rights for the content of your video.
  • All video participants must give informed consent of their participation in order to take part in the filming of your video.
  • Videos may not contain vulgar language or inappropriate content. GlobalGiving reserves the right to determine inappropriate content and disqualify a video.
  • Organizations may submit one video per organization.
  • Videos must be submitted by 11:59 pm EST on Friday, February 12th in order to be considered for contest participation.

Please feel free to email us at with any questions. We are very excited to see your videos soon!